Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cymru_am_Byth, May 13, 2006.

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  1. I have also posted this in the OTC thread, but I am sure to get more and different views in this part of the forum.

    I'm currently a DETAPO, nearly completed module (phase) 1. I am unable to complete module 2 and module 3 because the two week camp is in October while I'm in University.

    Is there anyway of transferring to the OTC to become a TASO, and retain Grp A status.

    Any views, positive or negative, on such an action?
  2. TASOs are Gp A, they are members of TA units who train with UOTCs with a view to commissioning into the unit towards the end of their degree course. Their T&CoS are no different from DETAPOs and they attract Gp A bounty etc which is an obvious attraction.

    The pressure is not as great on a TASO to progress along the commissioning route as a DETAPO but this depends on the individual. The advantage is all training is tailored to the university term so you should not face the problem you state.

    Speak to your parent unit, see if they sponsor TASOs at the UOTC you have in mind. If they are willing to sponsor you then it should be quite straightforward as there is no need to transfer from your current unit.
  3. miss university. Many years ago now I missed 2 weeks at beginning of my final year to go on a course. just explain to your tutor how important it is. alternatively get off your welsh arrse and find another course. i expect a quick post on here will prob find you many alternatives in under 24 hrs. Where would advantage be of becoming a taso? just go along and do the otc mod 2/3 courses if you can do their dates, the end result is the same.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Have you asked for alternative dates with another Bde?

  5. Taff,
    Check your PMs
  6. The reason why I'm thinking about the TASO scheme is largely due to the ease of it compared to my current situation. From what I've seen of the TASO scheme is that you get to do about double the training (if you want). And there's the matter of travelling down the road compared to 60miles.

    You might call me lazy b*stard, but getting on a train on a friday night out of a major city, with too much and too little space on the train, when I could do (roughly) similar training at a place closer than the train station is a bit silly.

    At least I'm getting people opinions now.
  7. Further to my previous post.

    I don't want to miss university, I've got bloody long holidays to do course. I've worked out that the next period I'll be able to do my mod3 course would be in the next easter holidays as I believe MSUOTC do their MTQ3 then. My DETAPO course finishes this October, and so I thought redoing mod(mtq)2 as a TASO won't do me any harm, and then do mod3 course in the easter holidays.

    From what I've seen of my DETAPO course, doing a weekend/course with another may not fit in too well with what I already know, as my course has been majorly chopped and changed.
  8. My heart bleeds.

    I refuse to believe that you could not get both mod 2 and 3 done over summer with someone. Stick to DETAPO route if you can, as then you will be training with people you will be going through rmas with (well hopefully). There are some brilliant mod 3 courses about, use the fact you cant do 42 bdes as a reason to get put on one that has been running a long time. I did (and hasten to add passed) 2 in one post-uni summer, so they are on. Also, when are you looking at rmas? Is there a rush? Use the time to gain more experience, get on a variety of exercises. While I was at uni my TM jacked up for me to go on some of the exercises at ITC Catterick. The host officers were really helpful, and it was interesting going on exercise with the young soldiers. Also the defence exercise was at the time the hardest thing I had done in uniform. Having just had OTC experience until then, staying awake for 4th night of stag followed by NBC extraction a real eye-opener. See if your bde have any contacts that you could milk. THEY WILL WANT YOU TO PASS.

    If you really are stuck on commissioning OTCs can be a mixed blessing, find out what sort of record your near unit has in commissioning. Think about the reasons you went DETAPO instead of joining OTC in the first place. See many threads on this. I was lucky with experiences I had jacked up for me while at OTC, but their in house officer training was shocking.

    Don't let travel be your overriding factor, go to the unit that is right for you, some of us travel far further.
  9. Had the Flu on the OTC selection weekend, and I didn't know much about the TA then.

    Around summer '07.

    My course with 42 finishes in October, but I wouldn't be going to Sandhurst until Summer 2007 at the earliest. I'm currently with a signals unit and I'm not trade trained so leaves me rather useless on exercise. Becoming a TASO would let me continue my inf type training until the summer.
  10. Taff, I think that you have set yourself a false deadline. You need to work out when your university schedule will let you go to RMAS and work back from there. If you can't take two weeks off in October for Mod 2 and 3 with 42 Bde RTC, you probably won't be taking three weeks off for RMAS next March when exams are creeping up. If this is the case, then there is no rush and you can look around for the best COA.

    You can fill in the gaps in your diary by doing extra weekends. We get people on every course who are there to supplement their own training.

    You have several choices available. Your RTC is directed to enable you to train in a way that best suits your availability. It can make bookings easily for any TACC Module.

    Option 1: Module 2 with your own RTC from now until October
    Option 2: Module 2 with London RTC 24 Sep - 1 Oct
    Option 3: EMUOTC are going to run a full Module 2 course for their own OCdts at weekends. The CO is determined to run it at the correct standard.

    I don't have the 2007 Module 3 dates yet but there will be several courses available. Your best choice is one just before your RMAS course.

    We've trained quite a few ex-OTC OCdts at Module 3 who had an MTQ2 pass. Stick with the DETAPO scheme if you possibly can.
  11. Mod 2 with London would be the choice of champions.

    Is mad frank co at emu now?

  12. EMUOTC yep. Shame about the character of some their Ocdts though.
  13. You have to have completed module 3 six months prior to attending RMAS. If you have completed mod 3 but it falls outside of the six month period then you have to do it again, so it doesn't make much sense for you to do it this summer, have the qualification lapse and then do it again. That said, it would be good experience anyway. I think I learned more on Mod 3 on the London Cadre than I did in the entire 2 years prior to, and after commissioning. It was harder than RMAS (but more enjoyable in some sadistic way). Maj C is definately the chap to learn from. Even got to abuse some yank ROTC muppets in the pub in sennybridge which was a bonus!

    Edited for clarity
  14. That's one of the reasons why I was planning on doing it next Easter.
  15. 100% agreement