Just looking for some info on the TASO scheme. I'm probably joining Manchester UOTC in September and have heard good (and bad :D ) things about TASO. Any info would be great.
It's really for OTC Cadets on the commissioning track, giving them a chance to train with a local/ their prospective unit. As such it's likely something to enter post Module 2 I think...
im in wales otc and i have just recieved a TASO along with a few mates who have all just done MTQ1, but not 2 yet. however, i have been told that i will have to take part in the stage 2 basic training with the TA soldiers (which is a 2 week thing) at some point they are going to give you any form of responsibility. the ranking will vary from unit to unit but with mine i will be a PO until i pass main board and then i will becom an Ocdt and then obviously can go get a TA commision. the benefits of a TASO scheme are the obvious ones - you get to do more military stuff and its alot more serious, and you get paid more. so if you are wanting to join the regs, and think you can afford the time then its certainly worth investigation but it wont happen for the first yr at least. the other bonus is the possibilities open to you - your unit will have more financial backing and you can take part in and/or organise more in the way of adventurous training.
You will need to change some of your ideas though ssjmawson otherwise you'll quickly be pegged and... diverted from any comissioning scheme. If not at training level, then commissioning board.
ssjmawson said:
Any info would be great.
Click on your own profile. View all posts by ssjmawson. I really can't think of what else we can tell you. Oh, yes I can...

For goodness sake stop dithering and join something. As far as I can interpret from your frequent re-appearances you want to soldier rather than party and probably want to be an Officer eventually. I can't decide if you really don't want paid or if that was just a bit of posturing that got out of hand.

My recommendation is join the TA right now. It seems to match more of your aspirations than the UOTC will as far as I can tell without a 1-2-1 interview. But if you do want to discuss it, send me a pm and I will give you a number to call.
Cheers for the info guys. On the dithering part, yeah I probably am but there's no point in me joining one or the other until I get to uni so I'm just trying to keep my options open.

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