TASO with medical cadetship?

Discussion in 'OTC' started by UKUSUK, Feb 3, 2010.

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  1. I am a 23 year old grad. about to embark upon a 5 (maybe 6) year undergraduate medicine course in September, and am playing on applying for a medical cadetship for the last 3 years. I've been assured by a recruiter that the program will be reestablished by then.

    For the first two (possibly 3) years I'd like to get involved somehow. I plan on applying for the bursary, and am also looking at OTC and TA. OTC is appealing due to social aspects and scheduling concerns, but as a 23 year old I may be a little old. TA is more appealing as there are more options, and I could go for 4 Para or 21 SAS if I am so inclined (and capable).

    I will probably be joining the TA (hopefully 4 Para) in the next few months (4-5 months before I would start uni. and join OTC).

    My questions:

    1. Would 23 be a little old to do OTC, or are there a lot of more mature participants?

    2. Could one do both TA and OTC? This is the TASO scheme, correct? How would I go about setting this up while already in TA? How big of a commitment would this be? Would you attend drill nights/weekends for both TA and OTC?

    3. If I was awarded a cadetship, could I still do TA/OTC/TASO?

    Thank you for your help. Sorry for the long winded post.
  2. If things haven-t changed in the last couple of years:

    1. 23 is fine to be at the OTC. It is your friends and peers there who count.
    2. With the COs agreement he could fund your commitment to both, but you would need to belong to one or other organisation, not both. There would also need to be evidence of commitment and capability.
    3. If you were awarded a cadetship after 3 years you would be ideally placed to become a Pl Comd in the OTC or hold the rank (2Lt) with some other function.
    This does slightly depend upon the OTC (London is big enough to carry this and judging by your choice of TA unit I assume that is where you are looking).
    What I would say is give the OTC a try, it is more geared up to Students, but if you enjoy TA more then you should be able to move back.
  3. Agreed with ops offr.

    I've worked in the TA and OTC so I'll throw in my tuppence worth.

    If you were 18/9 about to start med school, I'd not hesitate to say 'join the OTC, go for a cadetship, go regular and have a laugh.'

    The thing is you're 23 now, if you do a six year course, you'll be 29 when you graduate. You may not acknowledge it now but relationships and 'settling' will become more important, or at least, more obvious on the radar. Being fecked about from pillar to post at the Army's behest (a year in Catterick followed by a year in Germany anyone?) becomes a less exciting prospect.

    Why a 5/6 year course anyway? Why not a 4 year course?

    If you need income, the OTC is no longer the way to go as funding has been chopped massively from what it was even a year and a half ago. TA funding continues (just).

    You can't do TA and OTC at the same time. If you were to get a cadetship, you're 'encouraged' to attend TA AMS or OTC but it certainly isn't compulsory. You cannot be Inf. You might be able to join be SF (R). At least one medic, who quite a few posters will know, has done very, very well out of a TA 'Inf' career.

    The OTC is great for girls, banter and skiing (at least partially self-funded skiing). The TA has become a leaner, harder machine with great opportunities for young, fit, dedicated men and women. There are fewer older students in the OTC but you'll still get on. The TA is full of insane people from every walk of life and a much richer mix.

    If you time it right you could squeeze a tour in whilst at med school. I believe the regulations are changing re: medics in 'teeth' arms but not set in stone just yet -get in while you can.
  4. Thank you both for your informative responses. Ops Offr. seems to think I could do both TA and OTC at the same, but you, Noodles, don't. Why not? What exactly is TASO and could I consider that an option?

    Thanks again.
  5. I have sent you a PM. Whilst the comments above might be quite useful neither of them are factually correct. If you get an army bursary you have to join the OTC either as an admin or training bursar. The TASO scheme allows you to train with the OTC but belong to a TA unit and train with them when not with the OTC. If you are successful in getting a cadetship you have to leave both the OTC or the TA as you will be commissioned into the RAMC. You can still train with the OTC or the TA but you are paid an annual salary and have no commitment to the OTC or TA. Trust me I work in an OTC!
  6. Deejay,

    Thanks for the help. I have replied to your PM and would like to hear more.

    Thanks again.