TASO scheme


Has anyone had any experience of being on the TASO scheme?
What was/is it like?
I am currently on it, and wondering out what other units are like and what you do while there.


aye myself and 4 others have just become taso's also

other than changing our lid, not much has immediately changed
but it seems great as we've got a few more weekends coming up for training with them and a good chance of going to the falklands over easter, though dont wanna get my hopes up for that one!

the only hassle ive foreseen is having to hand over all my webbing etc to RQ and not getting a replacement in time for an FTX next weekend! haha, so will probally have to go draw my old stuff out again and rebuild my webbing to the luxurious 3 pouched hippo padded pimped piece of kit that it once was


Kit Issues are a comlete nightmare - I've just gone TASO with 108 sqn R. Mons RE - I say just, this was more like december time - and I'm still waiting on a few nonessential bits of kit, such as a helmet. still, the training avaliable is far more varied. plus they let me play with PE4, bridges and powertools, which I'm amazed at - considering I'm probably the most accident prone soldier in NATO...

In general, expect an admin clusterfuck for a few months until things settle down. I didnt actualy know which unit I was in for a good month or so... but basicaly, your experience all depends upon the unit you join. I've met some who hate it, because they picked the wrong unit


further advantages include qualifying for the bigger bounty which is over a grand, which is a beaut compared to the OTC's measly £160 or whatever!


Alright mate, long time no see!

Anyway, couple of questions for you!

How much do TASO get paid? Do they get a pay rise after MTQ2/Whatever the **** they happen to call it?

Can a TASO Bod still hold an appointment such as JUO?

I have your shirt by the way.

You going to Lightning Strike? Can you and other TASO do those things?


> Pay?
TASOs get paid what they were on upon transfer. I have been told I will get my MTQ2 pay for two years until it drops down to the lower recruit pay. This is standard for all transfers from OTC to TA, as MTQ2 isnt a qualification in TA eyes. The 2 year period exists across the board to allow time for the soldier to adjust lifestyle before the lower pay packet comes into affect.

> JUO?
Yes, we still hold JUO however we are viewed as Officer Cadets, or more appropriately Potential Officers (POs).

> Shirt
May need you to post that shirt, dont know when i'll be back in the province!!

> Lightning Strike
Will be going to lightning strike all going well. I have been told that we would not be getting pay for these 'extra-curricular' weekends as the OTC cant afford to pay us, but now that I have transferred I write my own pay sheets so i should get paid without any bother.

Though I and others have TASO'd, our primary area of 'expertise' and training/obligation essentially lies with the OTC, until we choose to leave or until we finish university. Being a TASO gives best of both worlds, in that I am eligible for live training with the gunners, and as such have been confirmed to go on a 2 week jont to the Falklands in March. Lowa boots issued and everything!!
The unit you transfer to can request that you attend specific weekends throughout the year - usually the most expensive ones to run or where there are vital qualifications to be had e.g. MATTs which qualify you for that majassive bounty, which isnt bad at all! As such these training days take precedence over what the OTC is doing, and they cant stop you going with your new parent unit.

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