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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SgtRabbi, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. Hi all

    I'm a OTC TASO with 7RIFLES, currently a measly OCdt but, with any luck, getting commissioned in September as a TA 2Lt. I have a quick question: to what extent am I part of The Rifles? I have a couple of "for instance"s.

    1) If I'm asked on a form which unit I belong to, do I put Oxford UOTC, or 7RIFLES?

    2) Is it appropriate to start purchasing regimental uniform? I only ask because I am planning on joining said regiment once I finish my degree, and I am extremely proud to be joining a regiment of such tradition and reputation (asskissing, I know, but hey, I am proud to even associate with The Rifles).

    Thanks for any replies.
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    1. Check with your Adjt. If you are commissioned you will go on to 7 Rifles books. At that point, use their name. Until then, I suspect you remain with the OTC.

    2. Don't get carried away. Wait until you have got commissioned before you start spending your cash (and if you are talking about Regular service, not until you have a place in the Regt after the allocation/selection process is done at the factory). Frankly tempting fate is never a good idea and you'd look pretty damn silly if it didn't happen.
  3. Which way round are you, joined the UOTC then done TASO with the Rifles, or already in the TA and TASO with the OTC (can do either)?

    I suspect you are OTC and parading with the Rifles, in which case as cheapseats said you belong to the UOTC unless you've actually filled in a transfer form and moved to the Rifles (but then being a TASO with the OTC)
  4. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    As per Cheapseats
  5. write down the unit who is paying you.

    i wouldnt go buying kit like that either. jumping the gun like that is surely tempting fate.
  6. Yeah there was a guy at an OTC a number of years back that spent a ridiculous amount on buying his blues, never to actually commission into the regiment concerned. Don't know what has happened to the said blues, but I can probably guess it was money down the drain. Don't tempt fate!
  7. Thanks guys, you're probably right. Plus, I could rightly be accused of minor walting if I went about getting my hands on Rifles blues (greens, rather?) and mess kit! Tempting fate, and would probably annoy some people in the unit. I'll stick to CS95!
  8. also - when you do comission, be aware there might be some spares goin so ask about before buying new stuff, you may be able to get some for free

    for example, my waistcoat was made in 1946, and the jacket and trousers were originally my regiment's honorary colonel's when he first comissioned. fits like a charm!! got it all for free out of a dusty cupboard in my HQ.
  9. haha yes that was priceless, and what was even better, the said OCdt was actually demoted - voted out of the officers mess back down to trooper level.

    :D :D
  10. Oy SgtRabbi!
    Were you just on the MOD3 course last week then? I take it you passed?!!

    How was it?
  11. I suggest you delete this in case anyone running your TACC in September reads it....

    ...if you're worried about which unit to put on your form and where to buy 'regimental' kit, I suspect you'll will have more to worry about in September.
  12. Mr Tracey,

    May I ask why you suggest deleting the comment? Just curious...
  13. What an odd piece of advice. Odder still because even if he took that advice, now you have quoted him he can't delete the text in your post.

    In any case, I can think of worse comments to make. SgtRabbi sounds genuinely enthusiastic — even though technically he should be SjtRabbi — and that's exactly what the TA need right now. His Pl Sjt will do the educating.

    To answer your question about who you belong to, what does it say on your payslip? I suspect it will still be your OTC since you are only sponsored by 7 RIFLES.

    As far as kit is concerned, probably best to stick to the beret, capbadge and stable belt that you should already have. There isn't a lot of second-hand Rifles kit around anyway as the Regiment is only two years old and RiflesDirect will be pretty quick off the mark for the rest of it.

    Good luck in September and long may you remain fired up.
  14. Are you planning on completing the regular commissioning course in time or sticking with the TA?

  15. If you are a TASO with 7 Rifles you will be paid by them and it will be their UIN (Unit Identity Number) on the front of your payslip