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Discussion in 'OTC' started by SgtRabbi, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. Hi all

    I'm a OTC TASO with 7RIFLES, currently a measly OCdt but, with any luck, getting commissioned in September as a TA 2Lt. I have a quick question: to what extent am I part of The Rifles? I have a couple of "for instance"s.

    1) If I'm asked on a form which unit I belong to, do I put Oxford UOTC, or 7RIFLES?

    2) Is it appropriate to start purchasing regimental uniform? I only ask because I am planning on joining said regiment once I finish my degree, and I am extremely proud to be joining a regiment of such tradition and reputation (asskissing, I know, but hey, I am proud to even associate with The Rifles).

    Thanks for any replies.
  2. You should put 7 Rifles you are purely training at the OTC as a vehicle to get commissioned.

    I wouldn't say its appropriate to buy uniform at this stage, for starters you may not pass, you may get a job opportunity outwith the Rifles catchment once you get your degree and go to another unit. That being said once you have you commission I suggest you should speak to the 2ic who should give you guidance what to get first, Prob No2 Dress if its not issued.
  3. Id agree with Jagythistle, put down whatever it says on your payslips or JPA, which from the sound of it will be 7 RIFLES. Id imagine you still wear the capbadge of the RIFLES whilst on secondment/attachment to OTC, with just an OCdt rankslide.

    With regard to uniform, definately wait till after you commission, as your CO may have other plans for you. Also the Rifles is a fairly newly amalgamated unit so there wont be a massive pool of second hand uniforms lying about. You do get a TA clothing grant once you commission but it doesnt go very far. Personally, i did buy mess dress (arguably the most useful uniform) after i commissioned, but it was second hand because my corps is fairly well established. If you're planning to go regular anyway id hold off, as you get another grant at RMAS proper, and there is talk of changing uniforms completely in a few years anyway. Whatever you decide, i hope you enjoy your time, being a TA one-pip is fantastic, even if it is only for a year or two.