TASO / Res SO Pay - Are you getting enough?


Having recently returned from Camp, I have become aware that several TASO's have had pay decreases since transferring from the OTC to their units.

This is wrong. Your pay should not go down. If you transfer, you have done so for Service Reasons, and should be on Mark Time pay for up to 2 years, which is enough time for you to either commission or get a promotion. If you have transferred, you have probably passed your MOD 2, which is worth about £10 / day.

If you have a problem, speak to your pay clerk. If they get stroppy, quote the relevant paragraphs from JSP 754. If you still don't get anywhere, phone the JPAC Enquiry Centre on 0141 224 3600. Be ready with your Army No, NI number (usually used as your memorable data) your pay rate as an OCdt and as a Pte, and the date you passed your MOD 2.

But don't give up - it's your money!

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