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Tasmanian bar brawl


Nah, I've seen far worse than that down the Scots Guards NAAFI. Well, the brief bit that I actually saw, I was unconscious for most of it.
I've seen far worse than that in London, Blackpool, Tenerife, and when I was in the Army in various garrison pubs between different regiments and in Sennelager at training camps. That was pretty tame and just an average bar brawl - nobody got glassed either.
“Hairy Pig” in Fallingbostel on a rainy Tuesday night. And that’s the staff amusing themselves with no customers.


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the commentary on the Ozzy Man version is way funnier

A top tip if a little tipsy in a Tasmanian bar. Don’t ask the barmaid to “show us your map of Tassie”. Not unless you want to discuss the issue with a brick shithouse bouncer.
Seen far worse in the RIC bar and the bottom bar in the FI in the eighties. Snowdrops released the hounds a few times down there.

When I was there (much later) the KOSB would have tried to shag the dogs.
There were a few "sainty" cleaners who were so full, their noses were running.

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