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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by ex_donkey_man, May 10, 2011.

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  1. I've just got myself a Samsung Ace, Nice phone, very happy with it. Now I have some (Being a little understanding) Of android applications, but if I do something, such as going on the android market, after I have been on and say I go to charge my phone, with a battery manager, it will tell me what tasks are background running, (rather than the main ones such as games / ebay etc, they don't appear in the main tasks manager, but through the battery manager app).
    Why when I go to charge it and kill a few tasks (Via battery manager), it says that Gmail & Yahoo mail and a few others are running even if I haven't used them? I have a tasks manager pre-loaded & advanced android task killer, but the advanced kill won't bring up some of the ones that I use so I can keep them on the ignore list?

    Does this post make sense to anyone??!

    Any ideas or are there any task killers that I can transfer apps I haven't used in to the ignore menu?


  2. I think the reason Gmail and Yahoo run automatically is maybe because if you have auto-updating on, it constantly syncs your inbox. Probably wrong though.

    Why is it you want to end apps? To save battery?
  3. Cheers I'll try to sort that out - Yeh, to save the battery a bit, but also I have other apps running such as to do list lite, calender, AVG etc.
  4. that might be the case i had my MB allowance run down over the weekend and it was down to this, you need to try and find the background data option (autosync,location etc) and disallow it
  5. Have a look and see what is daining your battery if that's all you are trying to save. Probably the best thing to save battery life and usage is the Mark one 'Power Control' widget. Switch off mobile data until you actually want to sync or use data.

    Screen time out, colour of background and anything that animates needs to be kept at a minimum as well, it looks flash but it's a balance, utilise everything the phone can do then you will use up both battery and data quickly or go for the minimalist look and under the bonnet then you will make savings.

    As much as I hate being a BT customer what it does give you is this BT-FON malarky and there are Apps out there which will log you on to BT-FON Wifi when one is available. This would need to be used in conjunction with an App that toggled Wifi on and off to enable a search otherwise you would nail battery life with Wifi and mobile data on permanently, I tested a FON App out in London and it did the job in hand, however I cannot vouch for one of these Apps that toggles settings vs battery life as I can't be arrsed to pay for it yet due to being reasonably happy with the battery life I can get now i.e. I can go for 48hrs without having to carry a spare battery or charging lead.

    A happy coincidence I have since discovered is that FON is international (In the future I should read the small print) which in theory means whilst abroad I can save £££'s on data roaming.
  6. i just put it down to the fact it was a new phone and i didnt set it up correctly
  7. I only really put that FON business up there as it seemed ridiculous to start a thread on it and this seemed like a good opportunity to put it out there. Apparently Wifi uses less battery than data roaming though so it is also (Possibly) a battery saving measure, yet to be tested by moi though.

    Other than that I can confirm streaming videos from wankdb of Russian teen temptresses bezzering their new found college mates in a wodka fuelled orgy leads to a battery life comparable to an 'asthmatic ant with some heavy shopping' © Blackadder Goes Forth.
  8. yeah but theres always a charger
  9. Correct, but when your travelling around a lot and your phone starts dictating where, when and what you do it's kind of a deficit against mobility.
  10. I swear by this widget, honesltly. Bang it on the homepage.. and your laughing.
    3G watchdog is another MUST HAVE.. you can find it on the market, and just put in when your contract renews (monthly) and how much allowance you have and it keeps track for you. Put the widget on your homepage again you're laughing! Just make sure you turn off your 3g when your not using your phone.
    For a htc just hold down the power button and you'll see the option to turn it off/on.
  11. Oh yeah my bad I sold that as the mobile data on/off being on the power control widget when it is a separate widget found in wigets>settings or as you say hold down power button.