Tasers - issued to every police officer???

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bomb_Doctor, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. YES - Fry the little scroats

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  2. NO - rely on ASBO's

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  1. Check this BBC story out.


    Have a look at the firers smile............. Any weapon that is this much fun to fire must be worth a go! (Especially if you get to electrify your boss!!)

    On a more serious note.....

    Having seen the sh1t the Police have to put up with on a Friday & Saturday night, I'm all for issueing EVERY Police Officer with one of these.

  2. though the old batons quite effective after the tossers been cs gassed
    great thing about the taser once they been realised they can be tasered again
    much more satisfying than just shooting them once
  3. I voted YES as in the current climate I think the police should have more than just asps & CS gas at their disposal for dealing with violent people, but I'm not sure I like the idea of my brother & my ex-boyfriend having access to something that appears to give the user such pleasure! :?
  4. Haha, the look on the guy's face is priceless.

    I voted yes. They need them!
  5. Just the thing for dealing with soapdodger G8 protestors. Just to raise their awareness, of course...
  6. I don't think the police should have tasars. they shouldn't have extending battons either. The little truncheons they used to have hurt quite enough thankyou.

    The police should carry a truncheon (and be allowed to use it without worrying about being sued), a whistle, a radio. There should also be at least three times as many of them. No need for gimmicks If there were enough bobbies so that you never saw less than three of them (except for patrol cars - where there should be two) there would be no need for such things as tazars.
  7. Can you just imagine the scene in the ARV Crew briefing room.....

    "OK Gents, settle down..... Now I've got a strange job for you today.... who'd like to TASER the Chief Constable?"

    Cue complete mahem....The room goes wild...... with many hands in the air, shouting Me! ME! Me! Pick Me!!!

    I wonder how they decided... names in a hat? No shortage of volunteers I bet!

    Manchester Cop... any inside info??

    (also check the use of tasers on these websites...)


    This next one is hilarious.............

    http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/content/news/video/taser_video3a.html (click on The Arrest and 'Original Footage')
  8. I'd prefer the public to back us up when we tw*t someone , when we are dealing with some drunken violent cu*t
  9. I for one always step in and help the boys in blue..... (except when I'm more p1ssed than the guy they're trying to arrest).

    I recently floored a running shoplifter as the bobby was weighed down with the worlds largest utility belt (and he was a fatty), the scroat was getting away after tw*tting a few shop security staff.

    Did I get any thanks? Only from Marks & Spencers who gave me a gift voucher........ Cheers!

    But is was strangely satisfying to hear the 6 stone heroin addicts ribs snap as I drove my shoulder (with 15 stone behind it) into his drug ravaged torso... The look of achievement on my face was noticable as I stood, looking down, on the young lad now gasping for breath, crying at my feet.

    I'm surprised I'm not up in court for assault. Self Defence your Honour! He ran straight into me! Luckily the Police said the CCTV camera covering the scene wasn't working! Perhaps that was their way of saying thanks!

  10. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    In 1988 I got involved in an incident in Surrey where a teenager who was somewhat drugged started an incident by trying to feed his friend through my letter box, in the end myself and 5 or 6 of Surreys finest were needed to hold him down and cuff him.

    I was called for the prosecution where the fact that I was a member of the armed forces was used by the defence as evidence that I enjoyed violence and had instigated the whole incident for my own enjoyment.....verdict NOT GUILTY.

    I came away at that time with a low opinion of the CPS and a high opinion of Surrey Constabulary.

    I however am still waiting for Hampshire to respond to a complaint from 3 years ago after they failed to take action against someone who threatened to rape my wife. In those days I willingly helped the police, nowadays I would advise them to phone the chief constable and ask him to send a few more "safety" cameras to help out.

    I feel rather sorry for the poor copper on the street under current policy.
  11. I've heard of similar stories where defence lawyers make out that just because you were in some Mess Tin Repair Unit in the Shetland Islands..... then you must be a martial arts expert trained to kill with your bare hands, that you have an unbalanced mind and you have a short fuze because of PTSD.

    They always bring this up - it's a standard tactic.

    Why not arm the Judges with TASERS - then they could fry the lawyers if they step out of line!

  12. mmmmmmmmm fried lawyers, that sounds like a tastey dish.
    Maybe we should allow the boys in blue to let rip with truncheons and tasers on Hasel Blears and see which she fancies the best.
    It would probably change her mind about the softly softly approach that she has in mind.
  13. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Fried Politician - sounds right up there with Fried Lawyer!!!! :)

  14. Avon & Somerset now have agreement to use them... Amnesty International are complaining about the number of deaths caused by Tazers,.... 13 in the US last year I believe?

    They forget to mention that only firearms officers will have access to them..

    They forget that they are alot less lethal than a 9mm slug... which after a baton round is an armed officers next option..other than harsh language or CS!

    protect the Police 1st, it saves money in terms of officers off work through injuries!!! they have a crumby enough job.