"Tasers can be Lethal" - Amnesty

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by LostBoss, Nov 30, 2004.

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  1. Amnesty are concerned that Tasers have the potemtial to kill and should be tightly controlled:

    "We want an assurance from the Home Office and police chiefs that Tasers will only be issued to trained firearms officers and kept locked in the firearms box. Tasers could kill, so they must be treated as lethal weapons."

    I agree - I'd rather see good old fashioned baton wielding any day to all this techno nonsense, no-one ever died from the robust application of a baton, and all the coppers have them - oh hang on.

    Bring back the birch etc.
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  2. How can you kill anyone with something locked "in the firearms box"?.My locked"firearms box" is most inconvenient when I have Jehovah's Witnesses/Mormons/Door to door sales scum///tarmac purveyors and the like on my doorstep :twisted:.Perhaps I should move my shilleaghlee collection to a more accessible position :lol:
  3. A trunchon around the head can be lethal. Pulling someone roughly to the floor on concrete can be lethal. Arresting someone with a heart condition can be lethal. Driving them back to the station can be lethal. Sitting still on an airliner for 9 hours can be lethal!

    Life can be lethal.

    They are being arrested for something, or having been suspected of something. If they are thinking about resisting arrest, they should be ready at the very least for it to hurt. It does, even just practicing it.

    Why is it that as soon as our police officers get a 'non-lethal' method of arresting an dangerous criminal with as little risk to themselves and the rest of the public it's met with screams of 'unfair'! from AI?

    They would rather see firearms used in life or death situations with inevitable fatalities so they can tell us all how unfair and represive the police are and keep themselves in a job. Or is that just me being a bit cynical?
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  4. I have a Zulu knobkeri I got in south africa for that. Now that can be lethal, and the beauty of it is..... it really does only look like a walking stick :)
  5. From a media release:

    The "bold" is my emphasis ....
  6. Every cop should have one and if it's used daily, crime/vandalism/neds/chavs will soon disappear. Does the AI spokesman look anything like a fig 11????
  7. AI may like to look at the lethality of:-

    - illegally held firearms

    - illegally held knives

    - illegal drugs

    - binge drinking

    - the islamic 'honour' code

    Or am I forgetting that their aim is only to criticise the authorities?
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  8. What the hell are you doing using logic in an argument VB? Stop it now before you make AI cry!
  9. If I was looking down the barrell of Police 9mm I'd be thinking

    "He'll only shoot if I'm a risk to life"

    If I'm looking at a crackling Taser I'd think

    "He'll have me breakdancing in seconds just for fun of it"

    - I'd moderate my behaviour accordingly.

    More of it, that's what I say.
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  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I cant wait for mine! :lol:
  11. If you join the armed forces you have a medical to make sure you are up to it. The same applies if you join the police or fire service.

    If you decide to take up skydiving, scuba diving or want to learn to fly, you have to get a check up to make sure that the stresses and strains of these persuits aren't going to be too much for you.

    If you are going to follow a life of crime, decide to be so threatening and have to be arested by the police, is it practical for you first to visit your doctor and get a chit stating that you are 'Taser fit' and hand that to the arresting officer before he wacks you with 50,000 volts? Or should anyone who gets themselves in a position to be classed as dangerous and a threat to a police officer or the public forefit their rights until they are handcuffed and in the wagon?

    I think you'll find that the second option is the most practical and workable, and even gives the least chance of the person being arrested ending up on a mortuary slab. What's to complain about?
  12. I'm with you, it appears that the legislation surrounding "safety at work" for the Criminal workforce is loose in this respect. As we have seen the law has already moved to protect Criminals at work in other peoples houses but allows unfit and vulnerable criminals to be put in harms way through the issuing of Police with Tasers.

    I suggest that that a full induction be carried out and the criminal is signed off as "fit for shocking" before being allowed to practice in the community.

    I'd feel a lot happier knowing that my would be assailant is up to the job and will come to no lasting harm when I throw him down the stairs, twice.
  13. Be careful, when I got a Knobkeri off some Zulu I had to take lots of tablets, stay off booze and bite a bullet every time I had a slash :wink:
  14. Armourer wrote
    I thought those girls in Mombasa were Kenyan?
  15. Tasers can be lethal, yeah and so can a car. Tasers dont kill people, cars dont kill people, guns are perfectly innocent aswell. the feckers who use them are the problem.

    Now then if I lost the plot and decided to go on a killing spree, i wouldnt use a taser, and its a bit dificult to get hold of a gun. A car is to easy to trace.

    There are many things to use in the average home that are just or if not more lethal than any taser.
    I could name them and their uses but id be locked up for my own good.