Taser used on boy, 13, as Met fight gang threat


Serves them bloody well right doesn't it. They should behave themselves instead and do as the nice policemen tell them.

And are there any statistics about how many of these scrotes ever get tasered another time?

There must be some of them stupid enough not to learn their lesson the first time. Maybe they even think of it as some rite of passage into gansta life. I would like to know just how many carry on their life of crime and antisocial behaviour afterwards. If the figure is high enough, then it makes a case for just using the 9mm instead.
The excuse for a PC should have been dragged through the courts and had the book slammed at him, the pig

You got a £30 fixed penalty for no seat belt and now hate the "Filth" don't you?
how do you slam a book at someone?
Gone are the days of being a kid and having respect for authority. When I was younger, I would never go home and tell my parents I had the cane in school, or my Dad would probably give me similar knowing that I must have deserved it. Now the kids parents are quick enough to whinge that the Police used force against their darlings. Maybe the parents should be tasered instead.
Maybe the parents should have been sterilised in the first place.


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how do you slam a book at someone?
get me, you, cyclops mcbroon and the phone book together in the same room and I'll show you. ;)
nah old cyclops is a mate, in fact he owes me a tenner and i'll write it off if he promises not to break me


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The police are not social workers even though they are increasingly being asked to perform that task.

The most contact I should expect with the police is "excuse me Officer can you direct me to such and such street"

"Of course sir down there first on the left"

"Thank you very much"

All this community policing and understanding is bollocks. Coppers in uniform are not supposed to be friendly, their supposed to assure those who are about their day and bring fear to those who are up to no good. I say bring back the birch. I am no advocate of capital punishment but corporal punishment has to be the future. If we get it wrong we can say sorry and compensate. If we get it right the bastard is going to lose the skin off their back and possibly reconsider their behaviour especially if you can hold a few back like a suspended sentence.

I might be onto something here.
It's the misleading description of 'kid' or 'child' that is automatically ascribed to someone just because of their age. There are plenty of burly youth custody and Young Offenders' Institution officers
who get smacked senseless by 15 year old 'children' who could terrorise any adult you care to mention.

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