Taser used on boy, 13, as Met fight gang threat

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by mrrandom, Mar 5, 2011.

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  1. Police are using Taser stun guns on teenagers as young as 13 as they confront an increasing threat from young gangs.

    Officers are also using the weapons regularly against youths of 16 or 17 in high "gang activity" areas.

    A Metropolitan Police Authority report shows that police drew their Tasers 307 times in London last year, firing them 96 times.

    The firearms unit CO19 use the weapon as a non-lethal alternative to firearms while units from the force's Territorial Support Group are routinely called to tackle knife-wielding and violent suspects.

    Report author Chief Inspector Robert Atkin, of CO19, said: "One of the challenges currently facing the Metropolitan Police is the growing trend towards young people being involved in violence and gang activity.

    "CO19 officers are frequently tasked to high 'gang activity' areas and there has been an increasing trend in young people being stopped with weapons." The majority of those targeted are under 30 but the statistics show two boys aged 13 and 14 have been confronted with Tasers in recent years.

    The Met study says that on most occasions officers do not need to fire Tasers which fire a 50,000 electric volt charge into a suspect, temporarily disabling them. Often simply the threat of using the weapon - by aiming or "arcing" it or placing a laser red dot on the victim - is enough to resolve a stand-off.

    The 13-year-old was confronted by Territorial Support Group officers who aimed a red dot at his chest before he backed down. At the time he had his hood up and they could not tell his age. The 14-year-old was shot with a Taser after he ran over two police officers and then made a grab for an officer's handgun as he was being arrested in Battersea.

    The Met statistics show that the number of times police deployed a Taser fell last year compared with 2009 but the number of times officers fired the gun rose slightly.

    The Met is equipped with 842 Tasers, of which 790 are deployed on the streets, the rest are used for training.

    The Met report also revealed that armed police responded to 12,004 calls about firearms from the public last year but officers only "deployed" from their vehicles 2,741 times.

    The statistics show a 15 per cent fall in the number of reports of guns in London over the last two years.

    The study also revealed that firearms officers have received new training in dealing with distress. This follows criticism from a coroner over the police shooting of barrister Mark Saunders.

    Taser used on boy, 13, as Met fight gang threat | News
  2. Shocking!!!
  3. Can I use one on my 8 year old? I reckon it's the only thing that will get his attention when there is any form of screen in front of him.
  4. What are they doing using tasers on kids as young of 14?

    9mm that is what they should be using, or at the very least baton rounds.
  5. So a taser was pointed at him rather than used on him.
  6. couldn't highlight this in my original post, I don't see the issue on either of these cases
  7. Better than using a 9mm round from a pistol or rifle I suppose!!!!!!
  8. in the case where they pointed it at him, its a case of laser (light in effect)

    basiclly they pointed a highintesity torch at his cheast rather then spray and baton him, which would I prefer
  9. These little scrotes want to play "gangstas" then they must accept that it's big boys rules and not try to hide behind their age when things go wrong.
  11. Gone are the days of being a kid and having respect for authority. When I was younger, I would never go home and tell my parents I had the cane in school, or my Dad would probably give me similar knowing that I must have deserved it. Now the kids parents are quick enough to whinge that the Police used force against their darlings. Maybe the parents should be tasered instead.
  12. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    £10 says that shortarsed bint from Liberty and the big fat piece wrapped in an ethnic duvet cover are all over the grauniad tomorrow decrying the treatment of the poor misunderstood disadvantaged souls by the nasty fascist policemen... and it's all david camerons fault anyway...
  13. They should issue tazers to teachers in some schools in this country.

    I once saw a Met male PC punch a 5'2" 8st black woman so hard in the face she flew both feet off the floor to land spark out in the gutter.

    Mind you, she was coming at his colleague with a 10" kitchen knife at the time. And he wasn't too gentle when he picked her up by the throat to throw her in the back of the wagon either.

    Now thats the kind of policing I pay my taxes for!
  14. I do hope the local press and IPCC were informed, so they could makesure he didn't hurt his hand
  15. Not really. Just think of the future problems that the round would prevent.