Taser guns

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 6952grumm, Dec 10, 2007.

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  1. Most of them cant be trusted with a baton, handcuffs and CS spray. What would they be like with something potentially lethal like a Taser?
  2. If you remember the Polish man killed at Vancouver airport, there was another one killed in Vancouver two days later. He won't count in the taser statistics though, as he died from a combination of baton, spray and taser. That one wasn't filmed, so I bet you haven't heard of it.
  3. fcuk it, issue them to PCSOs. That should at least provide some amusement.
  4. Just be careful if caught out and having a pee you might be tasered and you know how electricity and water don't mix, you might end up having a number 2 in your jeans
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Think I'd be more worried about getting taser'ed by a copper than being intentionally wounded by a handgun shot
  6. Yeah handguns are for pussy's :roll:
  7. Taser's great. It makes Guardsmen out of people. They stand to a rigid attention instantly. (then fall over a bit)
  8. Just done a TASER course excellent bit of kit, course was good lots of vids of yanks and canuks tasering each other during training. We won't be deploying it with unarmed officers, my station and another London station will be trialling it for the MDP but I think the force will go for it nationally. Its not as training intensive as a baton gun which is currently in operation for less than lethal options (as well as pava, batons etc) Just pointing at someone and switching on the laser dot sight will make the most belligerent of people comply if not 50000 volts will do the trick.
  9. and dribble.
  10. If they were I'd find it most shocking...boom, boom.
  11. i would love to see a hoody / chav get tasered.... Sh*t we could have our first 'Policeman's Happy Slap' caught on a mobile!! AWESOME!
  12. Happy Zap surely? 8O
  13. Why not? I am sure that if you stop when they tell you to, or put the baseball bat down, or the bottle or knife they will not taser you........