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I'd like to shoot at TASAAM (If thats what it called). Does any one have any info?

I will not be able to raise a team from my own unit, but I understand I can shoot as an individual - or in an ad hoc team.

Any advice gratefully taken - anyone needing an extra shooter for a team - I'd like to talk to them.

I'm based in YORK but can travel.


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First off, do you have a CorpsSAAM that you can attend? they usually have places for individuals, and this can qualify you for TASAAM.

Otherwise, if you live in the SE, send me a PM - I will put you in touch with someone reasonably sensible.

If you live elsewhere - I pity you :D
Alternatively you can qualify through DIV SAAM.

If your still not sure and want it from the horse's mouth, get in touch with the TA Rifle Association at Bisley Ranges. They may even be able to get you in touch with a shooting team.

Ad Hoc teams are usually made up at the last minute so that individuals can qualify to fire in the TA 50 (which certainly isn't a done deal). Ad hoc teams have to do all of the team shoots and compete in the Paracup (and get in in time), but don't get any medals if they beat teams from the same units.

If you get down to Pirbright pre-TASAAM on your own [/i]with[/i*] range bookings (LandMarc were very adamant on this last year), dig in and do your bit - "Gentleman Firers" aren't particularly welcome.

And finally best of luck, and if I go there instead of the Sandpit this year, hope I beat you!


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Thanks for the Info. I've just found out that due to training enhancements 2 Med Bde SAAM has been cancelled this year so that we can concentrate on the AMSTAP competition.

Mention was made about Div SAAMs any further info on that/them?

Anyone know if 15 Bde have a SAAM: any contact details for that.

I'm in York so not SE unfortunately
sknn said:
Mention was made about Div SAAMs any further info on that/them?
2 Div runs its DivSAAM in two parts; a northern one at Barry Buddon (the old ASSAM) and a southern one in York (at Strensall, I think).

Place highly enough in the rankings for the rifle match, and you could qualify as an individual for TASAM.....

Try speaking to 2 Div HQ; I don't think your regional Bde HQ really gets involved other than to forward the entries, and Div has all the answers.

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