TAs relocating to Canada ?


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Old news now but if you are moving to Canada for a spell this may be of interest:

Groundbreaking agreement between UK and Canadian Reserve Forces

UK and Canadian Reserve Forces will, for the first time, be able to train with their overseas counterparts, thanks to a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Ministry of Defence and the Department of National Defence of Canada.

The MOU, which was signed on 4 August 2005 by the UK Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (Reserves and Cadets), Major General the Duke of Westminster KG OBE TD DL, and his Canadian counterpart, Major General Herb Petras CD, allows selected reservists to join a reserve unit that is similar to their own, in either the UK or Canada.

After signing the agreement at the 2005 National Reserve Forces Committee (NRFC) in Ghent, Major General the Duke of Westminster said:

"Reservists are an integral part of our Armed Forces, but they are also increasingly mobile in their civilian lives. Those who temporarily relocate overseas find they are often unable to train with their home unit and therefore lose valuable military experience.

"Now, however, UK and Canadian Reservists serving in either country will be able to continue their training whilst living abroad. This will allow them to broaden their military horizons and maintain their skills base, while remaining an important asset to the nation."

His Canadian counterpart Major General Herb Petras added:

"As in the UK reservists in Canada are a vital part of the defence team. We view this agreement as a key retention tool for officers and NCOs in whom we have invested significant time and resources. We look forward to using this agreement between Canada and the UK as a template for similar arrangements with other allies - wherever reservists study and work."

The MOU is open to all members of the Reserve Forces relocating temporarily to either Canada or the UK. It will allow those participating to stay motivated and continue their military development whilst overseas and, importantly, encourage their retention in Service.

The MOU is open to all Reserve Forces and participation is voluntary, the intention being to meet the training needs of Reserve Force members temporarily attending school, working for a civilian employer, or accompanying a family member doing the same in Canada or the UK.

Participating Reservists will remain on the strength of their own National service while overseas, enabling them to retain links with their home unit during their time away.

Hmmm....wonder if this also opens the way for exchange postings for Reservists......

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More likely that a very few select and mainly officer units will be given the chance of their annual camp over there, maybe as watchkeepers in Bde or BG HQs. As for the rest? You can't go over there and use the kit that's there (with the exception of the Wessex Yomanry) and the cances of taking your own is not really an option.
Do they still have the 'speak french or die' rule?
Had a bloke from my unit who went there for a year and trained with their Seaforth Highlanders (I think). From what I can tell they looked after him really well treated him as a bit of a mascot on their parades. He has since emigrated to Canada and from what I can tel has joined up properly.


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An officer from the Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) trained with the Canadian Reserve for 2 years in the 80's and I remeber him saying there was a TA officer in his Canadian unit as well so I'm not sure if this is all that new. Mind you it could have been on an ad hoc arrangement. When I went to Hong Kong in 1983 the TA carried on paying me for 2 years whilst I attended training in Hong Kong. I don't know if it was done officially or I was just being put down on the company role as attending. My 'service' in the Hong Kong theatre never appeard on my docs. (I found that out years later when I rejoined)
would be interesting if the RFCA allow ACF staff to train with Canadian ACF units over there as well as TA
I took about ten of our lads over to the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada http://www.qor.com/ back in the late 90’s. They couldn’t do enough for us. The FTX was good fun, mainly because the training area was very different to what we were used to. The river crossing involved abseiling in CEMO down a cliff to a pontoon, with a harness you made out of a piece of rope, we then paddled 6km up river. It made a change from the stream at Thetford. At the end of the Ex they took us to a ‘Scottish’ pub in Toronto and asked us how it compared to the real thing. Just the same except the furniture was in one piece and there were no drunks fighting! :D

We had a regimental connection because we shared the same regimental march at one time! They also had links with 5 RGJ (because the're Rifles) and 10 PARA (because some of them are para trained).
stickybomb said:
Do they still have the 'speak french or die' rule?
Dunno, maybe I should ask the Canadian next to me before he flies back.

Weird, seconds after this topic originally appeared my department got a bit of work in Canada :lol:


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Nothing weird about it Comrade Polar....our spies are everywhere...all is known.....keep watching the skies :wink:

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