TAS Operator Pack, anyone got reviews?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by LordVonHarley, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. Morning All,

    I'm in the market for a new day pack, my Highlander NI Clone has ripped at the seam of the shoulder by a good third to a half of the way across. Only from carrying 11kg to the airport on holiday!

    I have narrowed my needs down to either a Munroe or a TAS Operator.

    The Munroe speaks for its self but I was wondering if anyone on here has any insight to the TAS Operator?

    Linky TAS

    Linky Munroe

    Will the straps come off if I over load it with ginsters and Marathon bars on a TA weekend?

    Any one know how much weight they can both take?



    P.S I did a search but only a few lines on the TAS Op Appeared.
  2. I got one a few months ago. Initial impressions were pretty good but I am not so fond of it now.

    It has loads of straps inside for securing your kit but to be honest they just get in the way.

    When you load up with a typical exercise/operational load (warm kit, goretex, sigs kit, ammo etc) it starts to feel a bit out of shape, I think it's mainly due to the shoulder straps being positioned relatively low from the top.

    Having said that it does have some neat features like MOLLE Webbing all over the front, a nice fat velcro patch for sticking things on, straps at the top and sides for cinching the load tight, 2 velcro covered ports for antennas, headsets, hydration tubes etc.

    Weight wise I wouldn't want to stick more than about 40kg in there. Although the features are neat I personally don't think the construction is as good as the Issue NI Pack or a Camelback Motherlode.

    Although the Munro is a fantastic daysack it is showing its age now. You can't expand it, cinch it down and it has no routing holes for comms kit and hydration bladders.

    To be honest it all depends what you want from the daysack. If you just want something to cut around camp with and the occasional TA Ex then the Operator is not a bad choice. However if you want something more durable that you can throw around for 6 months in Afghan then I would recommend spending a few extra pennies and getting the Camelbak Motherlode

    Camelbak Motherlode 500

    Camelbak Motherlode

    or indeed going for the Pack that the TAS Operator is a copy of and is considered to be not only gucci but practically bomb proof by our American cousins

    ATS RAID Pack

    Check out the forum threads here

    Ultiamte RAID Pack Thread
  3. Or break out the issue daysack and spend your money on porn fags and booze...

    Also I've seen the contenders for the new issue daysack in multi(mitty)cam and they look bomb proof, plus being mittycam you're invisible when you put it on :p Winner!
  4. Being TA our Window of "No" is tighter than a ducks arrse. So getting a NI pack is slim to non and slim left town. Other wise the money would be spent on booze :(
  5. LVH: You can pick up NI daysacks (issue'd) on Fleabay for as little as £30 new so it will hardly break the bank & mines still going strong, & even 'other arms' smaller bergans can be picked up really cheaply m8
  6. Good point but I was after something in OG.

    But I might take a gander on ebay.
  7. LVH - check PMs :)
  8. I've an 30L OG Karrimor used for fitness/TAB's only, ideal & compact for the job
    identical to this

  9. The new inf bergen's apparently similar to this. Price is a little steep though.
  10. Ive got TAS day sack and for the money its good I find the straps inside good for strapping up radios and stuff. Ive also got a munroe and its very good but a bit too small, I find myself ditching kit. As for ni packs i find them the wrong shape ( narrow and boxy ).
  11. RVOps

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  12. got the TAS pack LAST YEAR no problems so far :D
  13. That's taking the pi*ss! :x I cant believe that they are not handing out daysack's... I know the MOD is cash strapped to say the least but that's surely just your TQ being some sort of a cu*nt...!?
    On your next weekend rock up with your stuff in a tesco's bag and when your asked WTF??? just point them in the direction of your store monkey.
    I know we all like to square ourselves away with a bit of kit candy every now and again, but thats not right. A daysack is part of the PLCE system that every soldier is entitled to, reg or TA. What a joke... :evil: Anyway, I feel a bit better now for that little rant.... Sorry about that fella's....
  14. PS... We had a one off issue of camelbak daysacks. Some of us got "Motherloads" and others including myself, got "Talons". Mine lasted the whole tour, being used most of the time instead of my bergan ("travel light, freeze at night" :( ) and its still going strong now, so she gets my vote.
  15. Crivvens Royaly-Royaly, Stores ain't that bad but being TA your kit issue is bear minimum unless you really need it. Christ we only get one field jacket issued................. at my old Unit we had to buy our own Noddy Suits to stop being jerked around. Best £3 I spent! :D