Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Danny_Dravot, Nov 3, 2005.

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  1. OK, I'm about to eat a large portion of humble pie and issue an apology, if I’m proved wrong.

    But my experience of the TAs on TELIC 1, was that, as individuals, they were largely an utter cluster.

    I'm not talking about how they were mobilised, I know that they were treated appallingly, I’m talking about their:

    a. Individual Skills & Drills
    b. Attitude
    c. General performance.

    Out of 100 or so TAs I commanded, I recommended around 7 for regular service, these were all ex regulars.

    Now I know standards vary wildly and there are enough sh!te Regular soldiers, but let’s stop kidding ourselves that the TAs are the unsung heroes.

    As for Snr Officers receiving informed opinion which differs to mine, I'm immediately suspicious? Which (reg) CO of a TA unit is going to say, “Yes Brig, I know, my TA tps on attachment were an utter disgrace.”

    Now, before I’m lambasted from pillar to post, I know that there are some outstanding TA soldiers and some outstanding TA units (having served a number of years with 2 superb TA units), but I didn't experience them on TELIC – which was incidentally, the first and only real large scale short notice deployment of the TA in recent time.

    I entered this argument very much pro TA, but was sadly let down…why doesn’t anybody tell it as it was???

    This is not a bait...(edited to add that bit)
  2. msr

    msr LE


    You really don't get it do you?

    The whole point of the thread is that the TA is deployed TELIC1 on criminally short notice, with no consideration given to closing the 'training gap', which exists because we are not full time. Furthermore, a large number of us were given jobs for which we had not been trained even in our TA units.

    So for you to come on here and large it about how crap the TA are is more than a bit rich. It is in fact, making you sir, look like an ass.

  3. and the problem is that you can always argue the specific against the general and vice versa. Threads like this are divisive and contribute nothing to our mutual service. GB - read the opener for theis Forum, "Regulars, don't bait the TA!"
  4. No pal, you're not getting it...i've seen army cadets conduct themselves better than what i saw. its got fcuk all to do with the trg gap. its to do with the units we saw been full of cronies and hangers on.

    I'm talking about 45yr old LCpls who could barely string a sentance together let alone issue a set of orders. Now, if that individual still had a trg gap after 15-20yrs ta service, then we don't need them!
  5. The only point I can be arrsed to make is that "TAs" are Teaching Assistants.

    The Territorial Army is the TA, members of the TA are TA personnel, TA soldiers or TA whatever. This thread seems to be about the TA rather than TAs. Gimp.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    So you'll be volunteering your services at a local TA centre this weekend to help them with their training?

    No, didn't think so.

  7. msr - you shouldn't wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig quite likes it ;)
  8. Ok I'm a gimp and a goon...

    Watch 'The Office' and you'll regularly hear Gareth referring to his time in the TAs...hence the term...more ensdearing that the S word me thinks, and also subtley amusing as gareth is an awesome caricature of the average TAs type.

    ps. i once saw irish comedian ed byrne making jokes about the TAs, he said somebody in the audience always takes offence and waits for him at the end to say that they're in the TAs and its not a joke.

    Sure enough at the end of the set at the bar was Ed and some fcukwit heatedly explaining about his bounty system and starred weekends and what a serious committment it was....irony at its highest.
  9. Ab, i know you and deeply respect you, but your boys let you down! period.
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHA - couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this post:

    ffs goon - you are having a bad day aren't you?
  11. and your point is?
  12. The deployment was such short notice for political not military reasons. Bliar and his croneys couldn't really put the army on a war footing because it would have looked like they were going to invade regardless of any diplomacy and the press would have had a field day. They were holding back to pander to the "Not in my name" brigade. This is what led directly to the equipment and training issues. If the TA were not prepared then look to our political masters who make the rules and the standards and the funding. Lives were probably not lost as a result of poor TA training, but some were lost and are still being lost due to equipment shortages. Instead of name calling each other, we should be pointing our fingers at the real villians of the piece in the MOD.
  13. I can't believe someone prentending to be a Maj/Lt Col from the RLC give the game away by using the term TAs. It is used in the TA but only ORs who are bordering on chavdom.

    p.s. The office is fiction and Gareth is an actor.
  14. In my unit, we had three blokes mobbilised for Telic 1. One was an outstanding Cpl young, single keen aggressive and more than willing to go. The second was average Lance Jack with a fair bit of experience who had just gotten married and had 3 young kids, he was therefore a bit reluctant. The third was a oxygen thief who had been a rifleman for donkeys years (no problem with that if thats what you want, but he wanted promotion and had never been sent on PJNCOs) he was also known to be a liability in the field and an undisciplined tw*t out of it. On top of all that he was medically downgraded at the time due to having recently broken his leg.
    None of these 3 ended up deploying as the only one who wanted to go and would have execellent was binned at Chilwell cos he needed a filling! THere were loads of us who were champing at the bit to go and asked to volunteer only to be told it was compulsary mobilisation only. No wonder people weren't impressed with those who did deploy, as it seems no consideration was given to ability or willingness to go.
  15. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    I think that your experiences with the TA may have been specific to your Cap Badge and to the initial Op Telic, as large numbers were called up with little consideration to individual quality. Things have tightened quite considerably since then, but we still have the occasional accident slip through. On a recent pre-deployment cadre at least 2 out of the group of 40 should never have been mobilised for anything more demanding than All Arms Window Licking.

    A small percentage to be sure, but you can't underestimate the damge that these people can wreak. What's more, you can guarantee that they will be the ones identified/labelled/remembered as TA by their regular coworkers.