TA's big countdown??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mincer, Feb 29, 2012.

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    Anyone got a scooby what this is all about?? Seen the TV advert thought id look online for shits and gigs. One thing for certian is its not the countdown to that big "summer sporting thingy that the TA's is playing in" or is it..... :)

    Anyways anyone in the know??

  2. I, for one, haven't got a clue so will have to wait 8 days, 3 hours and 52 minutes....
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  3. Lets just hope the weather is not inclement next Thursday.
  4. I suspect that it is no more exciting than the launch of some kind of multimedia recruiting campaign. Expect the usual shots to be wheeled out of STABs cammed up in the field, roaring through the countryside in various vehicles, drinking in the bar etc. Oh and of AT. HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry.

    I did have to laugh when it said 'will say exactly what the TA is all about'. They have obviously been reading the Telegraph thread then!

    And have any STABs been issued PCS yet? I had to stifle another giggle when the other half directed my attention to the telly the other night showing various alleged part timers on screen in the new rig. I thought we were just behind the cadets in the queue and due to get it at some point around 2020.
  5. is this the beginning of a campaign to increase recruitment by highlighting the joys of manlove thursdays?
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  6. Maybe a MP did read my post in 4 Lancs and has put it into action:thumright:
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  7. So it's not this?

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  8. two words. no score.
  9. No doubt the TA's entire 2012 allocation of helicopters, pyro, smoke and blank ammunition will have been expended in the production
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  10. Nice of the govt to give us a countdown, usually we find out what's happened on the news after the case.
  11. now you mention it this is probably the countdown to the redundancy text messages going out.
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  12. H U G E Recruitment drive. We're all sat with a stack of joining forms and black biros and the TALO's are in place at the ACIO's currently filing their nails waiting for the influx. Oh the joy....

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  13. Thought the same thing myself, I've never seen so much ammo and pyro on a TA exercise, his unit must have spunked the years training budget on that ex.
  14. ???

    Hods of it around here...

    Mountaineering, skiing, ocean sailing and diving... and all paid training.
  15. TA weekends paid at 2 x days pay per 24 hour duty.