With the creation of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, this replaced the individual Scottish regiments tartans with one generic one for wear with uniform.

Do any other regiments wear tartan regularly with their uniforms though, do any other tartans exist for wear? And when would kilts/trews be worn

I ask because I spotted this


And wondered what regiment/order of dress it was.


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Sure its not the Pipe Major ?

He seems to have the insignia on his forearm ...


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I'm in that picture (not the one with the beard - despite my avatar - or the trews)
napier said:
I'm in that picture (not the one with the beard - despite my avatar - or the trews)
so you know the big lad with the Royal Stewart pants on?
Adopting suitably pretentious Edinburgh accent ...

There remain a number of military units wearing tartan officially and socially - the Royal Regiment's Scottish Batteries and the various Royal Corps' Scottish units will generally at least wear a tartan waistcoat with mess dress.

Tartans might be one of the established Govt plaids but are also often due to the benefices of various Cols Commanding, especially during WW1. Also, it has to be said, that outside of a Highland Regt, amigerous officers can (and possibly should) wear their personally entitled tartan.

Oh, and there will be an Arrse tartan ... http://www.arrse.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=137344.html

There will. Eventually.
blonde_guy said:
I wasn't aware any regiments wore trews any more though....
Currently worn in No 2C, 10B, 13B, 14C and 15 dress (and their 'warm weather' equivalents) by the Royal Regiment of Scotland. And itchy in all of those :)
2/51 said:
Traditionally, Highland Regiments wore the kilt, Lowland regiments, Trews.
For the Dress Regulations, see here

www.rhf.org.uk/Books/RROS Dress Regs.pdf

Straight from the horses mouth, so to speak..Trews are included..
Yes, but being the army, nothing is ever that straightforward!!!;
The Highland Regiments,( A&SH, Gordons and so on..) also wore trews on occasion.
The Royal Highland Fusiliers being a Lowland regiment, wore trews (apart from pipers)!

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