Tartan patch

Can anyone tell me what orientation the TOS patch for the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders is cut? "George" type cross on green? Single black line? or is a square just cut? (from the couple I've seen that's what it looked like....random)

Also, in the past the BW wore an arm badge in the shape of a BW cap badge. Was it cut from tartan and if so, what orientation? Just cut on the blue?

BW patch is cut from the Green - The patch is in the shape of the capbadge. The cross over (single diagonal and horizontal lines as george cross) should be in the middle of the "badge". They seem to come in and out of fashion with the Regiment!

As for the A&SH patch, i believe it should be placed "Straight" behind the capbadge, again as per george cross - guess it will depend on the tailor / supplier...
Thank you Line_Grunt.

Do you know approximate dimensions for the BW patch? height and width?
(I suspect it's slightly larger than cap badge size.)

I had been thinking since the BW kilt is pleated to the blue, the patch might be as well. Using the cross on green makes sense as well.
Will have a dig about at home and see if I can find mine...

off the top of my head it was about 2.5 inches tall by 1.5 wide. It is much smaller than the cap badge.

It is normally worn under the Brigade / divisional flash on the right hand sleeve.

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