Tarique Ghaffur to get £300k out of court settlement

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by joey_deacons_lad, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. So here we have it the 'race warrior' standing up for the rights of his fellows in the NBPA running to the door with his pockets full of filthy cash.

    Where was the noble fight for justice against the racist institution?

    Particularily ironic on the day when a real Black Man reaches the White House.
  2. I particularly like the following statement, and was wondering whether 'potentially being badly treated on occasions' merits £300K worth of compensation'. Most of us get teated badly at some point in our working lives - the key point is most people are not in a position to play the 'race card' in order to leverage a payout. Caving in to the Brick Lane Bde doesn't bode well for the new leadership of the Met. I just wonder how much his partner-in-crime, the former Persian kebab-seller turned adviser-on-dodgy-expenses, now receives.

  3. I abuse myself regularly....where's my payout?!?!
  4. Watch the floodgates open after this scrounging fucker walks off with a million in taxpayers' money for being a whinging cnut :x
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Is this a chance to slate the met again?
    Only joking, you know that you really dont have to, they are so good at doing that themselves!
  6. where was justice when we tried to get somthing for PTSD this is a F****** disgrace and an insult to ever injured squaddy
  7. Relatives in Kent in the early 90s were given the benefit of an armed warrant raid from Kent Police. On the wrong address ! In the house one armed officer got his weapon tangled in the loft ladder and as it arced back and forth out of control so his armed support colleagues were diving for cover.

    The 13 year old son of the house woke to this confusion from slumber in the partially completed loft conversion and chanced to peer down on the confusion. Seeing an armed officer wrestling with a tangled up firearm he thought it circumspect to jump past said officer and run naked down the stairs. At 13 he was six foot so perhaps Police can be forgiven for mistaking him initially for a fleeing adult. But to trip him half way down the stairs and kick the crap out of him drag him to the Transit and taunt him with firearms was a tad over the top ?

    So the years went by with Kent Police denying liability. Until happily Pc Ian HILLS was busily telling the Judge about how he was more than a copper he was a "Thanet Street warrior" with a mission to break handcuffed prisoner necks with a bit of erratic driving to bounce the prisoner around the van.

    Perhaps anxious to steer Judge Giles Rooke to the belief that Hills actions were not the norm ... Kent Police suddenly offered out of court settlements re a number of their ballsed up armed warrant raids. And our relatives got a payout. Just a few grand.

    Funny old world. If only they had been black and got the Race Relations industry onside eh.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Well you can hardly call being one of the most senior policemen in the Met, with a plush office, car, chauffeur, staff team and final salary pension 'badly treated' though can you?

  9. The world has gone mad - at least this sad nation has.

    Poor old 'Met'. They are being sued by a Muslim chef because he was asked to cook bacon and pork sausages.

    He will win of course; and meanwhile my Income Tax and Council Tax will help provide his 'compensation'.

    If you think about it, he couldn't lose. If he had not been employed by the police, he could have played the 'discrimination' card.

    Thanks to the arch-spiv Bliar and his repellent wife, we are now stuck with this ludicrous legislation so heavily weighted in favour of the 'foreigner'.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I'm considering claiming comp as I was ordered to pretend I was Cornish when I joined my Bn as although having lived there I had difficulty shaking my Lancashire accent!
    I feel the need to sue the MoD!
  11. Thus far, with rough and all unable pen,
    Our bending author hath pursued the story;
    In little room confining mighty men'..

    Whose state so many had the managing,
    That they lost France, and made his England bleed.

  12. I'm first!!!

    Someone accused me of being a tall skinny blonde scouser.

    I tell you what, I am straight to www.claimsforfuckall.com.

    They even accused me of being in the Army.

    The horror, the horror. :(

    I like shelf stacking in the Co-Op. How very dare they accuse me of something I'm not.
  13. In addition to his payout, the Ugandan-born officer will be entitled to a lump sum pension payout of £522,000 and an index-linked pension of £85,000 per annum - meaning he will walk away from policing with close to £1million. He could also even be handed his legal costs.

    See my bold

    This worm stopped being a Police Officer long ago! When he started getting into them kind of figures at the publics expense he became a Politician.

    So like the rest of the Politico's he has no loyalty other than to his pocket. Hence his brave fight to end the so called racism that existed (Racism so bad he's leaving the job with nearly £1m to play with) suddenly falls quiet when he has money thrown at him.

    Smug cnut will probably write a book.