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Tariq Aziz killed?

Just watched him on an Egyptian satellite feed....

He looks pretty alive to me :(


Busy guy - he's just been on the BBC looking pretty fit to fight...even said "he was born in Iraq and he would die in Iraq" maybe he had a premonition and has already popped his clogs?!
Tariq Aziz is not dead as is his next door neighbour Ahmed Al Nasty-Ass and the 250 that have just surrendered, he will be top of the housing list in the Borough of Neverbritish once all this silly nonsense has stopped.

The Ministry of Handouts ( Which I run ) is arranging his air tickets with Lesbania Airlines.

Rumours that we will put Saddam up in Peckham are untrue, we are moving him to Tower Hamlets as they still serve hot cross buns in Peckham and we wouldn't want to offend him

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