Tariq Aziz gives himself up


Glad the old buzzard ain't dead. Mind you, I think that's the end of a good nights sleep for a lot of people, and I don't mean the erstwhile Iraqi Government, especially if Tariq is after a deal.

Nothing like spilling the beans to enforce a regime change :)

Let's just hope he doesn't have a dodgy ticker/Midnight car accident, SARS or a convenient Brain hemorrhage
Yes mate spill the beans please

He was fairly low down the list on the playing cards I believe

Was this because although he was high up in Government he was not a nasty piece of work??
He`s the 8 of Spades

I think he needs to go to specsavers though



I had forgotten he was a Christian

Wonder where they are keeping them or if they will have to clear camp xray out a bit first

who will be prosecution! judge and jury Court of human rights or the new one(which I can`t remember what its called but the USA did not want to join due to fear there soldiers may get caught up in it)
I think I read somewhere that Aziz tried to suggest to Saddam that invading Kuwait might not necessarily be the most prudent move.  - To tell SH that he was out of his head in planning something like that normally resulted in your brain being out of YOUR head.

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