Targeted for an attempted Virus Infection or innocent Phone Call

Had a most peculiar telephone call this afternoon from an Indian sounding gentleman who kept mentioning Microsoft and the need to determine if my PC had become infected with a virus . I am a naturally suspicious person and only after a while did I actually disclose I ran Windows XP …. Mrs B_R is away at the moment and I was having an admin day anyway so the call was costing this company some expense and at no real cost to me apart from some time . Anyway I was asked to open up the “ Run “ window from the start menu and type in a command “ eventvwr “ … well when I got to this stage I informed the caller I was not happy and hung up .... I just knew there would be other instructions to come .

I kept explaining to the guy that my OS had been updated yesterday and when I checked the Microsoft home site I could see nothing advising me of this security threat and this “ free “ service .

Following recommendations on ARRSE I run Secunia PSI , Malwarebytes in addition to my normal , Norton , antivirus software and none of these yesterday indicated a problem .

So have I been the target of an attempt to download some software to control my PC or was it a genuine call ? I was not even prepared to go past the first stage .

Any other ARRSE users experienced a similar call recently ?
Yes, it's as scam. They convince you there's a problem on your PC by showing you your error logs - the command to do this is " eventvwr" - it displays the event viewer, then get you to download their malware.

The joy of VoIP. This kind of attack is known as vishing or vhishing. Gonna see a lot more of it.

Beware of cold call scammers pushing rogue antivirus • The Register
Thanks for confirming my suspicions , I suspected at some stage I would be asked to download something to fix an alleged fault .

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