Encyphalitis Sufferer Shot Dead

Sources are claiming that the shooter was an exceptional shot. Bollocks! Stevie Wonder would've had difficulty missing that mahoosive swede.

Because of the victim the British Army have introduced a new target called the figure 10 featuring a matchstickman with a beachball heed.
Outstanding, Threaders.

Probably the most tasteless, insensitive and infantile post EVER. Did you think that was even vaguely funny? or interesting?

I know it's the NAAFI, but are you a professional cnut, or is it just a hobby?
It was a crap shot anyway that killed the wee everton supporter: the assassin missed the swede and got him in the back of the neck, causing the little tyke to bleed to death, rather than destroy the FirTree pub (the real target) in an explosion of mlaaaring brain.
Threaders, crap thread, but I like your avatar.

I hate to admit it, but I'm crying with laughter - I knew there was something odd about that pic, but hadn't made the mental leap... Outstanding free association, my man... :D


Book Reviewer
Cheers Threaders. I did wonder who the wee fella reminded me of.

He's got a heed like Charlie Brown.
hydrocephalus! Surely thats what they mean . Shi!t thread anyway knob.
I have to say that although i didn't find it funny I fail to see why people are getting so uptight. This is the Naafi afterall and there are far worse threads. Each to their own and if you don't like it don't look.

However on a serious note (even though this is the Naafi) - RIP young fella.
If the shot hit him in the neck I'd have to question the marksmanship principles....

His head was bigger than Phileas Foggs balloon
jarrod248 said:
Geordie_Blerk said:
jarrod248 said:
Pathetic and nasty. You are an oxygen thief.

And you have had concensual sex with another man. You're a dirty hermo.
A hermo? Sorry could you check your spelling please as I'm unsure what you mean.
I think he meant h...e...r...m...o, a derogatory term for a homosexual. A person such as yourself who is no stranger to another mans veiny treat disappearing up his lower colon.

You gopping, poo pushing, sperm gargling, rimmer of anuses dirty hermo.

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