Target will fcuk off to the pub when hit

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Little Jack H, Dec 24, 2005.

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  1. Seems to me that the usual good-natured (???) if crude banter of ARRSE has been replaced by a series of very personal and pretty childish slanging matches tonight.

    SO, it's Xmas Eve, I'm not doing Xmas, anyone wants to throw shyte, throw it this way and leave off each other.

    LJH is designated pop-up man for the night.

    Target is on its way out the door, beer time wasting, CARRY ON!

    [marq=right]HAPPY Christmas, and a Great 2006 to you all ;)[/marq]
  2. Well, if shite needs to be thrown at you, they can do it in the arrsehole.
  3. Good call, Mi'Lord

    Hope the rest of the slaggings follow ;)
  4. in order that you cry to the COs and demand it be deleted?

  5. No, I put myself up as a target, I do it of free will.

    Watch and shoot, watch and shoot.........
  6. Oh, but lay off the rest - one target should be more than enough given your aim ;)
  7. Any normal, man like fellow, with a tarnished and frankly concerning reputation such as yours would have taken the hint long ago.

    You still comeback and spout your sickly dribble, I was just wondering which audience you are playing to, pals must be few and far between
  8. MDN,

    This thread was a genuine effort to distract attention from the general shít that's been fltying tonight and give it a focus so that all could have a happy Christmas.

    Unfortunately, a MOD decided to put it where it couldn't do that. I tried to approach you in chat, you left. I have already explained my position to the COs, they read and decided I should stay. I came into chat tonight to offer the same to you, but you left. If you are too blinkered to listen, that is not my problem.

    For the record, THIS is a link to the Email I sent the COs explaining the background to my record (which I don't deny having btw). At least one user on here has seen the full paperwork involved in the case and can verify it if required, but I would rather keep her out of this. PM me if you want details and I'll forward your request.

    For any that want my details ( yes, I HAVE received threats through this), PM me directly rather than asking others, and I'll supply them

    Please note, as I'm no longer serving, persec is not an issue, so MODs please leave the offer above. Thank you


    Edited to add:

    Honest wishes for a great christmas and the best year ever to all ARRSE users.

    [align=center]HAPPY CHRISTMAS![/align]
  9. J_D

    J_D LE

    Seriously dude, there is such thing as TMI!

    Quit while your ahead!
  10. seriously chick, at least this way the info is accurate ;)
  11. J_D

    J_D LE

    Thats up to you. Still TMI! More for people to rip into, good luck with that! You didn't need to post it for the world to see!
  12. LJH,




    Press this when ever you are ready;

  13. Flashy, not sure wtf your pics mean, but do I really give a shit on the Give-a-fuck-ometer myself? Check your chat record if in doubt ;)

    Anya, I agree, I didn't have to. But it's an open site so figured I'd be open. More that whoever ( and I KNOW it wasn't MDN & co) started the bullshit was.

    That last sentence made SO much gramatical sense this Xmas Eve. If it doesent when read back, try again after a bottle of voddy ;)
  14. Sniveling excuse for a fella.

    Die in a fire on the morning of your birthday.

    Nonce wrote
    You've been challenged about this before and you failed to deliver the goods, sadly the kangaroo court thread is locked away in another forum so can't be referred to. If you recall these so called persec issues were none existant, unless of course me confessing to being a Mortgage broker compromises myself.

    How do you explain 'Loretta' Still posting upto a month ago?

    The fact and the truth remains that you were guilty of a crime of a sexual nature with a minor. You served a custodial sentence. You were placed on a register of offenders.

    All prisons are full of people who didn't do it.

    Any normal person, would have just gone instead of embarassing themselves, instead of bringing the real world to the screens of arse.
  15. Look you are a nonce jack take a gun for a long walk in the woods.