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Target shooting - Re-loading 303

I've now got buckets of 303 brass (probably 5,000). Has anyone tried re-loading on a progressive press? Is it feasible to compete with S&B at £30/100 from the NRA?
The time to do it on a turret press with all the case trimming, cleaning etc is excessive.
I suspect that the cost of propellant may be the reason that to reload 303 these days you only do it as a labour of love; the cheapest bullets are usally to be found at the Trafalgar meeting at around £7 for 100.
I must confess my reloading these days is for target rifle use only with Sierra match kings at £21 per 100, fast becoming a rich mans sport!


Yes I have found it, 174 gn Mk7 boat tails usually go very well with any Large Rifle Primer and 41.7 gns (I think I'll have to check) of Vit N140. I also use IMR4895 at various charges for different bullets. It depends what you want it for. I use a Redding Boss press single stage with RCBS Dies and only hand load soft point .303 as I find that S&B is about as good as we are going to get nowadays. With 4 .303s I find that I would need 4 sets of dies to set each one up and also to seperate all the brass and neck size only.
What do you want some recipes? I can use the Sierra disc to develop loads with trajectory charts for you! Basically store the brass in a dry place and keep it for when the S&B runs out. If you need to adjust your sights then I have plenty of foresight blades at different heights so a range day to zero and I have the adjusting tools as well.

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