Target Shooter October Issue Now Available

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by andyd, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. Hya Guys,

    October issue of Target Shooter Magazine is out now! Don’t forget you can subscribe to this FREE magazine visit

    Read up on:

    • Schmidt & Bender 12x50x56 side parallax scope by Vince.
    • Chris White talks about the Imperial meeting 2009 in Part 2.
    • In-depth report the GSG-AK-47 by Tim Finley.
    • Checkout the aftermarket McRees Precision Stock System.
    • Richard Wild looks at the 257 Roberts.
    • Take a look at the Gun of the Month.
    • Batch test at Eley and the process with Carl Boswell.
    • Haley Platts profile on Scotland’s very own Rory Mcalpine.
    • Nigel Greenaway looks at 1944 BSA Shirley No.4 (T).

    And More....
  2. Match report-style snoretime again from Chalky I see. Should I read the rest or not bother? :?
  3. things have improved, but British gun magazines had to be about the dullest things in print: I remember a real gem in the now defunct "Guns Review", IIRC a multi part series on production levels of 7.92mm Kurz ammunition in 1943...