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This may be of interest for those that miss the now defunct Target Sports magazine. A bunch of the old writers have got together to produce a new online publication. I thought that it was really good - I don't know if it was just because they made an extra effort for the first edition, but there seems to be less crap and more interesting content than we used to see in Target Sports.



You may be aware that the magazine ‘Target Sports’ magazine has been discontinued and the publishers have tried to move articles to one of their other magazines. Since this decision most of the feature writers have banded together to go it alone to bring you and your club members a dedicated target shooter magazine called Target Shooter. This uses the very latest in web software to bring you a virtual magazine that you can view on your computer or you can download the magazine in PDF format to read at you leisure.
There is no subscription for this magazine, not like before; all they need is access to a computer. Each issue will be available on the 1st of each month.
We would kindly ask you to tell all your members at your club this great news that there is still a magazine for those that are only interested in target shooting that is full of features on:
• Black Powder
• Full Bore
• Centre Fire
• Rimfire
• Air Rifle
• Pistol Shooting
• Benchrest
• Prone shooting
And lots more. Readers will be able to send in letters and we also want feedback on what they would like to see in the magazine, if we can do it we will try.
All the feature writers like:
Stanley Shaw
Carl Boswell
Vince Bottomley
Graham Lay
Nigel Greenaway
Laurie Holland
Rob Hunter
Gwyn Roberts
Are shooter firstly and writers secondly.
We would hope that you and you members would support us in this new venture by getting the word out as much as you can for this magazine to work and to grow.

Also by popular demand you can subsribe to be emailed when the next issue is out by emailing

if you are interest in becoming a writer then please email me at
Many thanks for your help.
From Andy Dubreuil and all the Team

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