Target Shooter Magazine Needs Your Help!

Hya Guys,
It’s another month and another issue of the number one Target Shooter Magazine and we need your help.
We would like to hear your views so that we are catering for all Target Shooters out there; whether a weekend plinker or a competition champion.
We will read all letters and although we will not be able to answer all of them we will take into account your points of view and look at how we can make things as good as possible for you the readers.
All you have to do is go the website and click on Customer Service, there you will find an email address to send your letters to.
Watch out for the Christmas addition as we will have a bonanza of gift ideas for yourself of for someone else.

What is "Target Shooter"'s line on the 7.62 v 5.56 v "Summat Else" debate...?

or the use of full auto in desert engagements.?

Does it feature this season's manbag as a christmas gift?

Do your targets scream when hit?

... thought not :roll:

or am I being too harsh?
Even I wasn't going to be that harsh HE!

I presume we're talking about the online magazine. I looked at it when it first appeared. It was chock full of errors, we picked up quite a few on here. If it's for TR types it has no interest to me. That's why Target Sports went to the wall, nobody was interested.

Shooting needs a new national competition series to inject some life into it. If anyone wants to organise it I'll write the course of fire.
Perhaps the realisation that nobody is interested in a shot-by-shot breakdown of somebody's target rifle competition shoot?

This was also a problem with Target Sports, by the way...

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