Target Rifle Course

I understand that the Army Rifle Association are running a Beginners Target Rifle Course 4-7 March at Bisley? Has anyone been on one? are they any good? Do they run them like normal ranges and beast you with loads of concurrent activity?

Any help appreciated before i apply!
Hi mate, the course is very relaxed, nothing like you are used too. Deffinately a worthwhile course to do. Your kidneys may suffer a bit over the weekend though. 8)


Hint, when in the bar put your mobile on silent, the fines are irritating to say the least. What gripped me was the bar staff getting uppity with this when the clubhouse was rented out for an event!
I did the course last year. Really chilled out. The course normally runs Thursday and Friday with a team meeting on the Saturday and Sunday so you get to meet so of the guys and fire in a competition. Beer isn't as cheap as you'd hope though!

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