Target Rich Environment!

A list of hormonally motivated behavior (hmm, "behaviour," given the source) the led to charges in the British military.

Sample: "To her teachers at the Army training camp, 19-year-old Nikki Codd was just another female rookie. To her fellow trainees, however, the "raunchy redhead" was better known as Private Passion because of her "saucy night manoeuvres". Ms Codd joined the Royal Signal Corps in 1998, but was suspended a year later after being caught romping with other trainees at the camp in Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire. Ms Codd, who boasted 38EE assets, said: "I always used to get more trampolining and squat thrusts to do than any of the other girls." After she confessed to having flings with two colleagues, they were punished by suspension and demotion respectively. Ms Codd said she would be medically discharged because of a back problem."
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Says it all really.

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Mr Happy

Maybe this is some recruiting tool, join the army, become an instructor, be used for sex by lots of girls.... Hmmmm...
Anyone want to rent out my Mess Dress?

£5 a night and you help some young filly get up to 100 points.

hehe what a laugh.

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