Target Port Stanley

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Mar 20, 2012.

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  1. cheers mate, i like it.
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  2. FWIW: the Argentine (government) is obsessed. I find myself presently in a target rich environment for Argentine-baiting, Sport of Britons. They have random official government billboards up everywhere across the country with a blue background and the islands' landmass in white with the tagline below simply stating "Islas Malvinas". Despite the wanton graffiti which adorns walls everywhere I've yet to see a 'popular' comment amongst it all.
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  3. Agreed, it's a cracking thread, and reydelcastillo's input as an Argentine soldier/airman on the ground makes it much more interesting.
  4. I'm no expert on this (clearly) however seeing the damage caused by the bombs,they were spread across the runway on a diagonal line.Would it not be better to go along the length of the runway to create more damage?
  5. If you did and were off only slightly you'd miss with all the bombs. If you go across at an acute angle there's probably a higher chance that at least one or some will actually hit.
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  6. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    Just as well they didn't quickly fill them in so that they could continue flying.
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  7. I thought it was an enjoyable and very informative documentary. Hats off to all involved.
    Looking at the associated thread on PPRuNe, it is almost like stepping back in time on ARRSE. Grown up discussion, occasionally adversarial, but with none of the crayoning - and we take the piss out of the RAF?! :)
  8. Hmmm..... All that effort for one bomb crater on the runway and that was repaired within 24 hours.

    Methinks the whole thing was no more than gesturing by the Junior Service who wanted an 'in' on the act.

    A staggering misuse of the tanker fleet; frankly, a ****ing waste of time and money.

    Operation Black Buck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  9. If you look, they released the bombs a little to late. 1 second later and they would have missed completely (according to the documentry, not me). By going diagonally they drastically increased the odds of getting at least one hit.

    These days they would not need to use a bomber, a single Cruise missile could be landed bang smack in the middle of the runway if required....or so I am told by a man down the pub who knows more about that sort of thing than I do.
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  10. All that effort to do what one cruise missile could do today.

    Soz 2/51, just noticed our post.
  11. Or some bunch or airy fairies didn't pop along later and drop 5 bombs vs the RAF's 1 on the runway.