Target Brown: Armed Forces Candidate Kirkcaldy/Cowdenbeath

A campaign to field an Armed Forces candidate against Brown in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath....hold him to account for his failings as chancellor and prime minister.

As it says, "The candidate will hold Brown to task for the treacherous failings over the last decade, for sending troops ill-equipped and ill-prepared to fight two controversial wars shrouded in lies and deceit, for the blood on his hands as chancellor and prime minister."

Count me in! :twisted: :twisted:

It's a good idea. I have to concede that i doubt the individual will win, but simply raising the issues would be a great service at the national level.
Bit of a one trick pony - it.ll play well with serving/ex squaddies but the normal people arent going to buy it. The govt is doomed anyway why Arrse about with protest/publicity stunts?
It would work on a number of levels.

1. It would raise the profile of defence as an election issue. Afghanistan means that defence should be the number one priority of this government at this time. However, none of the parties are according it the appropriate priority although the Lib Dems came close with their conference paper on resourcing defence.

2. It will bring this home to Brown at a local and personal level. Brown is infamous for his "Macavity" act in avoiding blame and responsibility. This will be an opportunity to pin the tail on the donkey, so to speak.

3. It will resonate with the public as a focal point for defence concerns. There have been a number of resignations and unprecedented criticism from the Armed Forces recently over Afghanistan. This tends to generate headlines at the time, but the attention span of the media is limited and the wider picture is ignored (Times ran a series of articles this week though). Something needs to bring it all together.
ITs a good idea I hope it works and who knows might just take enough votes off him to make it hurt.

Good luck
I live in Broons Constituency And like the sound of this. There is a fair amount of retired and serving Forces members in the area. While i dont think for a second a forces candidate would win it would cause him some problems.
Well big Smeto is going to stand for Gorbals Micks old seat in Glasgow I think that with the amount of dissolution the public has for the current shower after the expenses scandal then anything can happen Liebour are due a kicking and how fantastic it would be in the muppets own constituency. Bear in Mind how many ex-service men/woman are living in the area and their immediate family the could be a pleasant shock.

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