Tarby the Latest. Not so Ho Ho now.

The memories are coming back to me. It was the 1950s. I was an impressionable young Midshipman. It was ...., it was Colonel Mustard. In the library. With the lead pipe.

Who do I phone at MoD to claim compensation?
'kinhell, I always thought the circus was where you hid the paedo's but in the 70's they hid them in plain site.

Seems like all show bizzies were raping and fingering kids. Where were all the parents in the '70's too busy fingering the neighbours kids whilst their parents were fingering at the local scout group.

Im glad I was born in the 70's, although bobby davro will pay for not replying to my letter. What's the no. For the hotline? Ann's I can make wild accusations anonymously without comeback? Thanks.
With the exception of Sir James Savile OBE are any of the accused dead? I haven't registered any - it seems odd that only the living and still able to pay compo are in the frame.

Bit unfortunate being photographed with Colonel (retd.) Gaddafii and The Yorkshire Ripper.
Are you sure that's not Terry Waite on the right?
Gives a whole new meaning to 'Live from her Majesty's'
Now it's John Parrott.
Basil Brush - might get a conviction, the big mouthed ******.
Basil Brush - might get a conviction, the big mouthed ******.
It's the bloke that kept sticking his hand up Basil's arse that should be worried. Same goes for H***y C****t.
The dirty bear-******* perve.

Bob Carolgees the dog ******* ******, no wonder the poor bastard was spitting.

And it runs in the family for the corbetts, sooty's no grass though, not like that bitch Sue. Not sure about sweep, but while someone has hold of his bollocks he's only ever going to squeak.

Rod Hull doesn't **** about though, right up to the tats. I'm not surprised Emu's eyes are bulging.

Bernie Clifton, the ******* audacity of the ****, up to his nuts in ostrich guts on children's TV.

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