Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hyperion, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. I see that the latest version of TAQ has not appeared......

    I also understand that a TA 'communication' is being prepared.

    Any inside info anyone?
  2. I am led to believe it will be out at the start of April; they were waiting on possible news on FR20 but that's pretty unlikely.
  3. Anyone know how long you can leave troops after the command "....Mark Time" ?
  4. Dont know...but i'll bet its going to be near the end of the Year......
  5. I suppose my point was that given we are in the midst of perhaps the most tumultuous period of the TA's history, I find it odd that the CofC is so quiet.....any change programme worth it's salt would keep the principal stakeholders (the workers/staff) fully up to date, otherwise there is a risk of disenchantment with the process.

    This isn't the Regular Army; I have a vote.
  6. I just thought they were worried about their own jobs to bother with us......
    The Workers know nowt...Loads of rumours, the usual, re-based with Regular Battalions (Reserve Company thingy), Drill halls to close Battalions to merge, all been covered before... nothing concrete yet though.
  7. The March 2011 Bulletin of TAQ is available here: Territorial and Reserves - British Army Website

    I imagine the delay has something to do with this line in particular:

    "Phase 1 will establish the requirement - what Reserves should be used for in the future. These initial findings are due to be presented to the Prime Minister in March 2011, and he will decide if the work is ready to progress to the next stage."
  8. I was premature (not for the first time)...

    I thought that the phrase ref FR20 at the end was prophetic:

    'In doing so, it is looking at different options which could eventually lead to the creation of a refined or even entirely
    new organisational model for the Army’s Reserves, which might perhaps require changes to legislation and our current Terms And Conditions Of Service.'
  9. I fear that the clear vision and hope alluded to by that statement will founder on the cold, hard, jagged rocks of reality. There is no money to fund anything more than the current "casual labour" model. There is no money to pay employers off to allow their staff more time in green. I'd expect to see the AFG drawdown to start soon and for UK plc to abstain from foreign adventures for at least a decade (national survival excepted). The regs are going to get hit hard, I fear thoughts of TA expansion are mere wishful thinking. There is no appetite in government, or parliamentary time available, to usher through the legislation required for meaningful change when the current system hasn't been seen to fail.
  10. I'd not expect anthing "radical" in the sense of totally new.

    Julian Brazier MP TD is the senior politician on the team and he is very definetely "old school" TA. He will be pushing for a National Guard style approach, much wider use of Reservists, whole units mobilised under their own CoC etc. IF we had the right back-up in terms of training resources, kit AND the right legal framework I'd be all for it - but the chances of getting those resources are NIL while the budgets and plans are made by a wholly Regular CoC who just don't rate the TA as being any good for anything other than basic IRs.
  11. As long as the CoC in the Unit you are in can tell its arrse from its elbow and doesnt spend all its time playing petty office politics stabbing each other in the back slagging people off and bitching about everything that moves and most things that dont and constantly going "not my job to do that" becuase I would rather tap dance naked through a mine field with a flashing blue light on my head than go on an op tour with my regts "grown ups" in charge of anything more important than a golf bat
  12. Reminds me of when my unit status was in question... with backs to the wall, everything worked wonderfully, no reg/TA division ['oddly' the back stabbers, bitchers, etc disappeared into their holes/stores/empires, stoneage knowledgeable experts - hid in theirs caves(age wasn't a problem just their subject area) ].

    Once unit status was confirmed.... .... using BOWMAN to send smoke signals (BOWMAN motto - back to the 60/70's!), modern kit stuck in stores because of _______ (insert excuse here - less TA don't know how to use it or could make it work).
  13. You've seen the new hot climate Counter-IED PPE then ? I believe the thought was that an increased sense of vulnerability would increase operator concentration.... :)

    Seriously, I know what you mean, served under at least 1 CO who would have been shot by his 2IC, ably assisted by a long line of fellow volunteers, had the whole Bn been mobilised. Hopefully, at least on the young officer side, the quality has improved since the move to a single standard and single AOSB at Westbury. On the other hand, while allowing for the good ones, the repeated rape of WO/Sgts Messes to provide LE officers to fill gaps in the Offrs Mess will haunt us for years......and then there are the real old farts like me !
  14. Keep your powder dry...