tapx2 village idiot or born comedian??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RolandR, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. Yes, He is a comedy legend who made me fall of my seat

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  2. No, He has been clearl watching to man Rambo movies for his own health

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  3. Not Sure, Bloody good laugh though!!!

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  1. Everyone roll-up and cast your vote!!!
  2. Wait until you see the list of kit I'm putting together ;)
  3. Don't fukcing start again......once was more than enough thanks!
  4. Nah, go for it, don't listen to all the nasty people on here who insult you, your intentions, your credability, military expeirence & your sanity, it's a free world.......
  5. Why the fcuk do people think c0ck nockers like him are funny?
    The only funny thing is watching others verbally abuse them.
  6. I agree, but it is Friday and I need entertaining :D
  7. I find it funny. He is abviously on a very lage fishing trip and lots of people have fell for the bait quite amusingly.

    He's got a net full of angry people who believe he's the real deal :lol:
  8. A more sophisticated Chimpy, good for light entertainment.
  9. So do I, round 2? :D
  10. Tapx2, I doth my beret to you sir. Consider me one of those fish in your net. :oops:

    Want to catch some more, give us your spin on which new individual weapon system BLiar and his cronies should procure and on which country should we unleash our next can of whoopa$s.
  11. as it a guess i would say the author of this thread and the subject are indeed the same person whats up tampax do you want to find out if we really like you
  12. Bingo! At least a few of you around here have working brain cells, and for the record I have nothing against the Royal Marines, good blokes all of them, shame they belong to the navy though :D

    See you all, this time for good.
  13. I am in no way associated with tapx2, anyone who suggests otherwise should be shot at 80 paces!!! by the way if you don't get the MODS to check the IP addresses