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Anyone on here going through TAPO training currently? Im based in East Anglia. Have emailed a Capt in 143 Brigade as those are the details I have been passed by my Adj but does anyone know if 49 Brigade do it? Or anyone done part of the course at an otc?

Probably best not to go behind the back of your Adjt...
Got a Cat 1 on briefing years ago but is now out of date. So need to do it again. The mod 2 and 3 locations I have are all in the North West of England. Was wondering if there was anyone from the South with experience of doing it down here?
As MSR says do not go behind your Adj back in Bn it will make your life as a PO/OCdT and if successful 2Lt very hard.

49 Bde used to carry this training out (I commissioned through the process a while ago), but due to an incident some time ago it currently isn't. 143 is your nearest and the one that has picked up the can. Lond Dist at tims offer exercises out and allow some catch up.

Depending on your location EMUOTC or CUOTC will carry out some of the TAPO Trg

Which Cap badge are you in East the East Anglia area

PM me if you have any questions

Ignore my last just realised you're a ruddy drop short
Ahh an ego... But then I suppose you need one as well as a sense of humour to be a gunner
You have just missed the LonDist Mod 2.
The next Mod 3 is Jan I think, with another Mod 2 in March with a Mod 3 directly after that.

PM ex-pompadour for more info ref LonDist OTW.
Depends on where you are. If you are parading with an RTC as a OCdt and have passed Briefing then yes, you should also have an OCdt rank slide on.
If not then I believe you still wear your normal capbadge and your current rank slide.
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