TAPO Training - London RTC

London RTC is about to start its 2006/7 TAPO training schedule. The first event is an introduction night on Tuesday September 5th. All unit and DE TAPOs from London District units should attend. It will include a detailed explanation of the commissioning course and the various ways of completing it.

Training for all TAPOs will then take place every Tuesday evening from 12th September at Handel Street. The aims are to support your Module 1, 2 and 3 training while building a course spirit and officer ethos.

TAPOs from other units can attend Tuesday nights if they get permission from their unit/RTC.

Could any London TAPOs who are not already aware of this please pm me to avoid the normal delays?
Could you please either display or PM me contact details for the London RTC.

Thanks in advance

A reminder that Tuesday evening training for London TAPOs resumes on Tuesday 5th.

Any TAPOs attached to other RTCs but living or working in London can also attend. Remember to get permission from yout own RTC.
Is there a schedule of what training we can expect to receive on Tuesday evenings or is that still to be formalised?
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