TAPO (TA Potential Officer)


I have tried to find some information online about TAPO's, but have been unsuccessful. :roll:

I am in the UOTC and am interested in joining the TA, after finding information about the TASO scheme, I came across the term 'TAPO', but cannot find much info about them. I assume the role/training/mobilization commitments/pay of a TASO would be different than that of a TAPO's?

....So could anyone give me more information on what being a TAPO actually involves? I understand that you adopt the beret/cap badge of the sponsoring Regiment, but that's all I know :oops:

Sorry for all the questions, but if anyone who has experienced being a TAPO could just clarify a few points, it would be very appreciated. :wink:


Thank you NumberFour, very insightful.
Go along to your nearest TA centre and have a chat with them about it. The guide posted up is very good, but some units would rather you passed phases A and B as a recruit before being put forward for TAPO...saves alot of hassle if you know your a switched on cookie before attempting AOSB etc. It also gives you a little experience of what life is going to be like for the next X amount of months.
Thank you TAZ3004,

I have passed MTQ1 and MTQ2 (which I think is the equivalent to phases A and B, but maybe wrong.) Have done my AOSB Briefing but have yet to pass my AOSB Main Board.

So hopefully the ball is rolling, will be speaking with a TA Officer about it in 10 days...should hopefully get more info.

Thanks again,

as a TASO, and now a TAPO as ive now left the OTC, my unit were a bit curious and somewhat confused as to what they were supposed to be doing with the TASOs

TASO scheme is essentially a gentleman's agreement as far as I read into it, its great but bear in mind that if the TA are paying you for OTC work, you may not get to do everything you want to do i.e. the usual OTC classic of coming into the TAC for a day to do GDs, my unit wouldnt cover the MTDs for that sort of stuff, and depending on the unit, they may not pay you to go on OTCs adventure training, im not sure as ive never had to ask for it.

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