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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Ex_Pompadour, Apr 29, 2009.

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  1. Is there anywhere on the public internet where you can find out about joining the TA as a TAPO? There were various unit sites available until recently but if you want to look at unit sites you now have to have an ArmyNet login.

    I've tried to put myself in the shoes of someone interested in joining as a TAPO and looked on the Army site. This site only seems to have very general information and a link to Army Jobs.

    The Army Jobs site offers potential officer recruits TA medic jobs if they have a degree or 3/5MI if they have A Levels.

    I must be missing something obvious. Thanks for any pointers.

  2. Join as a TA soldier.

    Express interest in becoming an officer at interview.

    Get booked on AOSB brief at westbury. Through TRHJ

    Pass AOSB brief. Cat 1 or 2 - (whatever)

    Start your education as an officer in the TA plus revise for AOSB.

    Pass AOSB

    Book yourself on TACC.

    Become an Officer.

  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    And not entirely accurate. I would suggest that Ex_Pompadour is asking a rhetorical question about how a prospective TAPO would find the information rather than asking how the system actually works.
  4. Is Fasttrack still being run or did that die a death years ago?
  5. BRIAN - Right grid square, wrong map.

    The number of potential recruits at LDRTC TAPO recruiting nights has dropped from an average of 12 each month to about 3 since websites were moved away from public access.

    I'm trying to establish if there is actually a working link to any useful information on joining as a TAPO. If there isn't I want to flag up the problem. If there is, then I can't find it and I'm concerned that recruits can't either.

  6. Thanks.

    The WD page provides the information that an intelligent and motivated candidate will want to know. Its very good.

  7. Feck I wish it was that Easy you are looking ar 12 months hard slog.

    Get yourself to a TA center and speak to the guys/girls down there
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Please let us know what response you get from CRR.

  9. I am a TAPO and I think the information was pretty poor. Not sure how it is in other units but the only information I got was a hand drawn 'map' of the recruitment process. Everyone I spoke to was very helpful, but only the Adj. seemed to have an overall picture of what was going on!

    Once one has applied to join, the young TAPO will find he has three points of contact for the Army - this is also confusing as the three places don't talk to each other. Again, the staff are all certainly trying to help and do so but it seems like one is meant to know how the system works before using it.

    However, I can happily say that after AOSB it gets much, much better and after a few months in the system, it's quite sensible. It just takes a while to find out what's going on.

    I like the right map square, wrong map expression - I would add that everyone you speak to has their own compass too!
  10. I think I am TAPO, I am still not 100% clear on the process and I probably won't be until wednesday when I have my interview with either my CO or ROSO (no one yet knows).

    All I know is that the three or so people who have anything to do with the process could not get the ball rolling. It took my sqn. OC to get anywhere and even then it took our recruiter to arrange further interviews because only they had the contacts to do so, no one else knew what was going on.

    There clearly isn't a rule to follow, atleast not at sqn. level. Post that, seems to move fairly quickly... if only i knew what was next.
  11. Ex-P

    Errr...no, it hasn't. Numbers are pretty solid around the 10 mark.

    As a sponsored cadet you can commission in 12 months if you can get time off for courses and pass all the stages.

    If you attend LDRTC as a direct TAPO you don't have the initial interview with the unit.

    In both cases you must pass AOSB before module 3.

    Either route can take as long as 2 years if you fail something or cannot do the courses in succession.

  12. Except that the links to LDRTC and the Army Officer Selection Board pages on army.mod.uk are broken. More effort required!
  13. Am a tad cross. The utter shoyteness of the ArmyJobs site was detated extensively on this site when it (ArmyJobs) was launched. I believe that its shoyteness was expressed in polite language to CRR back then. Promises to improve were made.

    But it is still shoyte.

    I just took it for a spin, as though I were a blushing ingenue.

    Took the Pathfinder test but found that it would not tell me the result unless I gave my personal details. Annoying, secretive, monolithic, scary: Army.

    Submitted my details (first name Test, last name Bod), found out that I was a red. Selected "male" (somewhat controversially), part-time, officer, degree-level education. Was informed of the number of job opportunities for someone of my ilk:


    Undaunted, I typed "TA Officer" into the search box. Top of the search results is a page giving details about pay. Not relevant to me at this stage: I just want to find out what it takes to become an officer. No useful links from that page (eg, to a TA Officer home page).

    Eight of the other 10 search results on that page take me to regional pages that are not relevant to me.

    Beginning to get bored now. Are you?

    Click on "Application Zone". It requires me to submit personal details.

    Click on "Free DVD and information pack". Naturally, it requires me to submit personal details. I am beginning to detect a pattern, and wonder why the hell they won't just give me a frikkin PDF of the pack rather than make me disclose personal info to them.

    Type "Officer" into the search box. It takes me straight to the right page for regular officer recruitment - a page which links to a week-by-week account of what regular officer training consists of.

    I get the message. TA officers not required. Consider typing "Join Taleban Officer" into Google instead.
  14. Perhaps thats what they think anyone wanting to be a TA Office is interested, money... Sadly...

    I'd offer my services (as a part time web programmer) to gladly design and input this information onto the army website. Perhaps the people keeping this information up to date need to be, themselves, more intouch with the people who actually require this information, either that or a fair amount needs to be done by the TA.