Taper shaper

Opened up the forum just now to see an strapline-thingy advert (or whatever you call these enticements on the web now) for "SAS Recruits"(Under Current Affairs); and, after spluttering into my Murphy's draught, I opened it to see an advert for a 'Taper-Shaper'; a machine for enhancing ones' musclature by somehow improving the pull-up 'experience'.

Leaving aside the dubious distinction of being recommended by the Royal Navy, this device appears to have (possibly as a secondary benefit) a motivational appliance in the form of a belt or elastic line which either functions as a punishment for poor performance, a stimulant for exemplary and repeated pull-ups, or another means of 'enhancement', more often advertised by internet spam.

I like it; but in chrome, not pink.
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