Tape on smock buttons

Recently denigrated by a JNCO for not having the buttons of my smock covered with weeny bits of 'sniper tape'.


When I asked why, he pointed out that I was wearing the older issue with traditional four holed buttons rather than the 'Canadian' slotted things. "shows up on IRR" he replied.

For the life of me I can't remember where I've seen this discussed recently and I'm intrigued to find out what benefit I'm supposed to derive from these itty-bitty bits of sticky.

Should I discard my beloved smock and break in one of the new fangled ones or succumb to this balls and risk looking like some sort of Blue-Peter inspired art project?

I await the avalanche of drivel / knowledge with bated breath....
Apologies for seeming fascetious, but doesn't the thread do that?
Ah, I see.

So the IRR thing is balls then.

Cheers both.
Older_by_the_day said:
Yeah what smudge says. Stops the thread holding the button on from getting worn away.
It's true.

Are you seeing a pattern beginning to developing?

Editted to add: I suppose you are, then!

Don't know about the IRR - seems plausible from a physics point of view, but to be honest, by the time they can see your buttons they're more likely to have spotted your face...
But don't forget to wrap the entire button in tape to prevent the tape which stops the thread from wearing out from coming off and................oh sod it.

Actually the tape is to stop water from getting into the holes and freezing during HALO jumps/winter exercises then expanding and allowing the brittle plastic to shatter..............
At 10 Regt RLC, we had a Royal Marine SGT in the training wing, who stated exactly that, buttons reflect IR, so cover them up. That being the whole button and not just the thread.

As he had done his time down south and I was a mere NIG, I did as I was told.

Now, never having actually looked at anything in IR, I couldn't possibly comment. Sounds feasible though.
If someone's looking at you through an IR site there are plenty of other things that will be visible long before the buttons!! What a crock of shite. IR my arrse.
Just done a check
with two smocks
the oldest one (without the "canadian" buttons) shows a little bit more than the newer one but ffs! its barely noticable and it may even be an odd reflection from the emmitter.
I was told it was to stop the shine on the older buttons
Could be shine, although I always taped them up because they kept falling off.
They were taped up to prevent the threads wearing and the button falling off.

I have heard the IRR theory and we tested it. We found the very old smocks (late 80's, early 90's) with the lining and the FFD on an arm, were very reflective in modern scopes (late '90s).

Weren't the old buttons bakerlight, rather than plastic? They were certainly different on the next jacket (with the first zip pockets).
bollocks MIRA or newer kit will show a big hulking squaddie like presence
not four little glowing dots :roll:
Should have said, in comparison.

The older buttons showed more than the newer buttons. I'm not saying they were glaring beacons of light or anything.
If the tape will stop the buttons showing up, then shouldn't we just make the smocks from the tape?
skintboymike said:
Similar crap conversations held all over the army about creases down your combats. Still happens though....
use starch dont stitch em take all your buttons of attach velcro if its that bad
It ain't that bad. The tape was only to prevent the thread from wearing.

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