tape on buttons

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by signals, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. i was wondering why do a lot of soldiers but tape over there buttons on their smocks, don't know why i didnt ask when i spotted it on camp, thanks
  2. There has been a thread done on this.

    Look for it because i can't be bothered!

  3. [Wah off]

    To prevent the cotton from chaffing and the buttons falling off.

    Plus its supposidly looks 'ally'.

    [/wah on]
  4. the special tape is awarded when you've attended the UKSF/SRR briefing session
  5. haha cheers
  6. I did it because everyone else did it. I'm a bit simple like that. I've even taped the studs on my Para smock but it looks well ally.
  7. :x away to take mine off then, could never get exact squares anyway
  8. i think it looks naff,,it shows you cant sew..
  9. I think the real answer is that when your rigging lines are deploying you do not want anything (like buttons) for them to snag on. I think.
  10. Are you serious?
  11. hows a bit of masking tape over the cotton going to stop that..
  12. :? that would require the whole button to be taped.

    its so that the thread cant unravel, thus one button short, causing about 10lbs of kit to fall out of the pocket, and yer fags, nothing worse than the fags going diffy (is that homophobic?)

    oops that was meant to quote the rigging reply
  13. not really needed now that we have taped buttons more usefull when they were sown on with thread.

    Duffdike, what the hell you smoking?
  14. Well the thing is that if the lads are going to ally up their kit then they need a half plausible reason for it. I am of course talking complete bollix as the wiser heads in the thread spotted immediately. The real answer to the question is: How should I know? :) Good luck. And stag on.
  15. You did a Les Dawson there, gave a funny reply without realising.

    Fallschirmjager is correct, the taping of the studs on the para smocks is the new rage down in 16 BDE at the moment...ally as fcuk.