Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by SKJOLD, Jul 3, 2010.

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  1. So, whats it like? Friendly enough, provided the right precautions are taken?
    am I going to get hacked to pieces as soon as I step of the plane.

  2. Have no fear, it's great. Dar is a vastly overpopulated slum now, and is nothing like the lovely old town it was when I were a youth, but the majority of the country is still ok. Avoid the touristi bits if you don't want to get run over by the bellowing herds of 4X4. Don't ride the daladala buses if you value your neck; they're death on wheels. Keep your hand on your wallet.
  3. It's one place I have never visited. If you survive, let us know how you got on! :)
  4. Its a beutifull country and a great place to visit, but has some of the crappiest towns and citys on this planet, just take care and have a nice time
  5. In couple of vists my wife and I have had very few problems except for a small camera being nicked at the border with Kenya. As you say, the usual precautions are required.

    I enjoyed Stone Town in Zanzibar and got in some good dives. Zanzibar, game parks and Kilimanjaro have the usual tourist issues.