Tanning injections

A true "what the fuck" story.
Inside Out investigates the extreme measures some people are willing to go to for a year-round tan.While health warnings about sun beds are well publicised, the search for a constant tan has led some consumers to use tanning injections.
Reporter Dianne Oxberry discovers how injections with the unlicensed medicine melanotan are becoming increasingly popular.

BBC News - Potential dangers of illegal tanning injections

There was a PTI at one of the places I was posted to who took them. They turned his fingernails a lovely shade of yellowy-brown to go with looking like Dale Winton's little brother.
Tanning, how did I know there was going to be a gay bloke and a scouser somewhere. Didn't expect a twofer

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I think anybody using these would trigger quite high readings on the jarrod spectrum.

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