Tanks - outdated?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vampireuk, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. I'm sure this has been dragged up before but not in the context I am referring to. I believe the last time this was brought up it was in regards to the current battles we are fighting and if they are suitable for that.

    Now, what I'm wondering is, with the advances in anti-armour weapons these days are these 60 tonne beasts outdated? Helicopters can destroy them, jets can take them out, of course other tanks can, and the humble infantry man armed with a Javelin can take them out. Is it ever going to be worth it in the future having a multimillion pound vehicle that can be removed from the battlefield by something that costs a fraction of itself?
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    you could make the argument that antiship and antiaircraft missiles cost a small amount of the cost of their targets. by that logic, are ships and aircraft obsolete on that basis too?
  3. You show me an anti-ship missile that can be transported by one man and I'll eat my hat*

    *hat may not be eaten
  4. I guess it all depends whether and on how well the threats can be suppressed or destroyed. There's a similar sort of logic in that argument to saying that the machine-gun rendered infantry obsolete. I know the Cav would be first to agree with that one, but every armoured force needs grunts to keep redforce grunts at bay. It's just a question of utilising the capabilities in concert with others.
  5. There's nothing humble about the Inf - gunners may be queens of the Battlefield - but the inf are, without a shadow of a doubt, the kings of it. :)
  6. Does it not depend on the threat and on the shape of future conflicts, rather than on the ability of the en to carry kit?
  7. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    your question was 'Is it ever going to be worth it in the future having a multimillion pound vehicle that can be removed from the battlefield by something that costs a fraction of itself?'

    not 'show me a one man anti ship weapon'.

    and wasnt there the RM type with a carl gustav who came close to doing just that in the falklands? ;)
  8. Close won't get you eating my hat! :)
  9. With that logic does the human now have a place on the battlefield?

    The human can be killed by a bullet, a tank, and plane, a falling tree, a collapsing building.

    With that logic the only thing that has a place on a battlefield is a DU round. But with everything else obsolete, who's going to fire it down range, and at what?

    Perhaps DU conkers will be the future of warfare, and 2 opposing Generals will tip up with their trusty 11er, varnished, dipped in vinegar, and cooked for 30 mins, on para-cord??
  10. Maybe not carried by but certainly the inflatable ridden by al chieda that took out the USS Cole was a very cheap weapon!
  11. and grunts need armour to keep armour at bay......

    To be honest. No, I don't see the MBT being removed from the battlefield in the near future. We may see armoured exoskeltons that came one step closer to the true One man tank but not that soon.
  12. I don't think single man anti tank weapons made tanks obsolete, I think that it brought back the paradigm where Infantry support the tanks vs tanks supporting the infantry.

    It really depends on the theater you are in. If you are working over large flat expanses tanks and mech infantry will be king, on the other hand, if you are in mountainous, jungle, or urban tanks play a much much lesser role.

    When I was in Korea, any kind of mech unit was virtually useless other than covering an MSR or bridge or something. Even then they need infantry on flank to guard. A man walking on a ridge line could cover much more distance than any land vehicle there.
  13. What will the boxheads do without their "exercise damage" payments?
  14. Tanks like Infantry take and hold ground, they are mutually supporting, no amount of fast air or heli can do that, whilst weapons evolve remember that the Infantieer still has a rifle with bayonet attached the modern pointy stick.
  15. http://www.raf.mod.uk/falklands/inv1.html

    Apparently so... :roll: :roll: