Tanks in Afgan

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by conco, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. We have been attacked in almost every FOB in Afgan!!!!!!! Has anyone seen a CR2 anywhere???
    Why not place a few CR2's in the FOB's and when attacked by the locals why not open the front gate and give them a bit of the good news from one of these beasts.
    Could they not also help the infantry in clearing buldings (sorry removing buildings) or machine gun emplacements????
    Would the threat of a CR2 on convoy escort not deter the Taliban from attacking??
    Any views or is it that we dont have 1. A few spare CR2 or 2. The crews for the CR2 that arnt doing the job of the infantry driving worriors.
  2. Is the terrain suitable for tanks? As in, could they do anything other than sit in and around the bases? If they were out and about, would they be able to get places? Or would they be over-exposed to AT weaponry (I realise that they are armoured, but their have been incidents in Iraq) of sorts? Is this not a better topic to raise in Current Affairs? :D
  3. i think the russians tried the tank,,thing,, and lost too many,,tanks dont do hills and mountain passes very well.
    whats needed is a brigade of ss mountain troops with no press coverage...
    and free run...
  4. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

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  5. :evil: B Liar broken promise yet again, a bit of armour could do a lot it sure worth a try, seems the Taliban keep cloning we are told that so many are killed,seems a lot left. Armour and Artillery may thin them down a bit before the Taiban get more modern Soviet weapons via Iran or other suppliers :evil:
  6. The following article gives a very informative description of how tanks would fair in a mountainous environment and also mirrors my own feelings on the subject of this thread.

    Clicky -> The main battle tank and the moutain.

  7. NSFW could be larger. ;)

    I couldn't get on anyway. Bloody DII.
  8. When Tony Blair spoke to one of the lads from 42 last year whilst visiting Afghanistan, he was shocked when he asked a Marine what he fires his Javelin at and the Marine replied "houses mainly"
  9. I've seen an initial lessons learned from B Sqn 1 RCR BG who deployed with Leopards out there. Makes some interesting reading. Basically well woth its weight in gold, but heavy on the sustainment side.

    They deployed nowhere near the mountains, more 'tank friendly' terrain.
  10. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    A friend lent me "Bloody Heroes" which I just finished. It relates to SBS ops in Stan in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

    The Afghan Northern Alliance had T55s (and the book hinted at T62s) and used them to excellent effect when necessary.
  11. CR2 would undoubtedly be useful and, without wishing to state the obvious, wouldn't be deployed in isolation. It could certainly be used to dominate ground where the terrain suits and hence to release assets.

    CR2 squadrons are expensive as are their logistics and we don't have very many of them either.

    It would interesting to see how one gets them in theatre as well. Not exactly easily air portable.

    If you wanted to wipe out the poppy harvest, just send the QRL (I know they're now re-roled) and tell them its a German asparagus farm... anyone else remember that?
  12. Judging by how many tanks there are in the tank graveyard near Kabul, I think it goes to show that tanks dont seem to be suited to 1. The terrain 2. The type of opposition. If anything there should be more HMG's and GPMG's with the corect ammo and not that Indian manufactured stuff that is causing stoppages after every 3 rounds. The other obvious bit of kit we need out there are more heli's and im sure I dont have have to go into the reasons why.
  13. The Canadians have flown Leo1s and 2s into Kandahar with Antonovs