Tankies shuffle / march on Sunday?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by redblitz, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. What's the craic with this chaps?

    Form up 1030hrs i know. But mit berets, in suits etc? I don't own regimental blazer and me beret is about the only thing i can still fit in :wink:
  2. Most turn up in a suit ( under a warm coat) wearing a regimental tie. Last year virtually no one was wearing medals or berets either. ( the serving contingents are dressed in Parade Coveralls). Some WWII vets do wear medals and berets, whilst Cold War Warriors on the whole stick to just a regimental tie. The Officers are in long coats and bowler hats. Form up at Horse Guards Parade then march to the Cenotaph, short service, march from Cenotaph to the RTR tank crew memorial. Parade falls out then follow the crowd to the Barley Mow Pub. Inside the Barley Mow it's wall to wall regimental ties, the place is heaving, the buzz is tremendous, binge drinking at it's most respectable.

    I joined 1 RTR in 1973 and last year was the first time I ever attended, all those wasted opportunities!! this year I will have the full monty, regimental tie, regimental socks and the latest in RTR fashion, RTR Boxer Shorts! sad bas*ard? yes, and i don't give a damn. :D
  3. Please permit me to add to your thread, many years ago when we first arrived at 57th'Heavy' Training regt. RAC, Waitwith Lines ;Catterick, on a manky, cold, sleety December day; as we stood outside the Sqd.Office a procession that looked like the 'Legion of the Damned' shuffled by.
    In their 'tank-park' greatcoats and 'tank-park' berets mud and crap all over them, the Sergeant who was with us Nigs said, "That, is what we call the 'Tank-Park Shuffle", the first time that I'd heard it.
    In 1998 we did a Umpah Band Tour for NAAFI and I penned this 'Walty' song for the lads at Bovvy and Catterick................

    "The Tank-Park Shuffle". (Tune Lambeth Walk)
    "When you go down Catterick way,
    Any evening any day,
    You'll find us all,
    Doing the 'Tank-Park Shuffle'
    From Waitwith Camp to Salisbury Plain,
    In the mud and in the rain,
    You'll find us all,
    Doing the Tank-Park Shuffle.

    Stroll along free and easy,
    In tank suits black and greasy,
    You'll soon pick the beat up,
    But don't pick,
    Your feet up!

    On Menin Square behind the Band,
    In Bosnian mud or Desert sand,
    You'll find us all,
    Doing the 'Tank-Park Shuffle',
    From Darlington to Richmond Town,
    Don't let the ba******,
    Grind you down,
    Just stroll along,
    Doing the 'Tank-Park Shuffle'.


    If you're in the RAC,
    RTR or Cavalry,
    You'll find yourself,
    Doing the 'Tank-Park Shuffle...Oi!
    (one more time) If you're in the RAC etc. Oi!.

    OK, a bit 'Walty' but went down well after a few beers!

    Brian.S711 aka Barce Bandit. :oops:
  4. Thanks for that chaps!

    I've been in London since getting out in 92, and this will be my 1st show. Can't understand how I've not been till now. As good a time as any to start, with it being 90 years.

    Sadly don't own a regimental tie as yet, but it's on me list. Maybe I'll look for my smoking jacket and a cravat :D

    Church service as well, no? After parade and before the session begins?

    Many current members able to attend, what with theater obligations?

    Looking forward to it, and hope to see some familiar faces.

    Up the 3rd!
  5. Back home after said function, complete with Regimental Tie, socks and boxers. caught 6.30am national coach from Poole to London Victoria Coach Station. Taxi to Trafalgar Square and then to McDonalds for breakfast. Forget the Barley Mow Pub, Ronald McDonalds was wall to wall regimental ties. everyone had the same idea.
    Chatted with the ex 1 RTR people that I knew, Marched from Horse Guards Parade to the Cenotaph with the pipes & drums of 1 RTR sounding Scotland the Brave & Highland Laddie. The march from the Cenotaph was to the sound of My Boy Willie and Lippe Detmold and then some 2 RTR tune thingy.

    Like last year the Barley Mow Pub was heaving. great atmosphere, On a personal note, bumped into Trevor D ex 2 RTR who was SSM of C Sqn JLR when I was a boy brat. It was Trevor who chose me to accept a prize on behalf of C Sqn from Earl Mountbatten of Burma at a pass of parade in 1971. I was able at long last to personally thank Trevor for choosing me.

    Quite a few 1 RTR ties on display but many of the wearers were unknown to me. It is after all 19 years since I left the regt.

    However, I still had a great day out at what would definately become a 100% must not miss event for anyone who attends.

    I arrived home, with, wallet, cash and keys all present and correct. I also have tomorrow ( Monday) off work, Prior ,planning & preperation????

    Fear Naught
  6. For your information it's called 'Saffron'! Did they play 'On the Quarterdeck' and 'The Blue Flash'?
  7. For your information it's called 'Saffron'! Did they play 'On the Quarterdeck' and 'The Blue Flash'?[/quote]

    I know it's Saffron, just wanted a reaction :D they only played the 1 & 2 regimental marches.